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Inspiron 1525 won't boot up not even to BIOS


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Inspiron 1525 won't boot up not even to BIOS

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My Inspiron 1525 is less than 18 months old and I have alot of problems with it. I have never dropped it or spilled anything on it.

 I simply restarted my system. It shuts down as usual but when it  restsarts  I get a black screen with a message in white font reading "Time Of Day Clock Stopped" it doesn't even go to BIOS it does nothing but displays that message.

 I have searched everywhere to find a answer to what is wrong and how to fix it. I was wondering if it could be my Intel Processor. And If it is do I have to replce it or what. I had my Intel Replaced In September of last year cuz of a similar problem But I still had warranty now I dont is this going to cost me any arms or legs to fix and is it something I can do myself. 

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  • My daughter has basically the same 1525 Inspiron purchased also about 15 months and it crash several weekes back during the middle of night windows automatic upgrade process.  Basically you start up the system and it constantly shuts down etc.  We tried to restore it to a pevious point in various safe modes and of course now the restore points are no longer there.

    Somehow through multiple efforts we got the system back up, where it suddenly woke up and I was able to back data up and also establish new restore points.  I used the computer myself all weekend testing it ( I work for a major computer company) and had no problems so I returned it to my daughter who is attending college in another town.  It worked anothr day and now the computer no longer has internet access.   Seems Vistas DPS or Diagnostics Processing Service does not stay up long enough to allow the access since it thinks there is a network problem.   In command mode we can ping anywhere in the internet so tcp/ip is obviously working but Vista is not recognizing the same.

    After hours and hours researching the internet it is very obvious that MicroSoft has introduced a major upgrade issue into many computers all over the world and it is impacting many different vendors hardware, not just DELL.

    This weekend whn she returns home we will try to reinstall Vista after reformatting the hard drive since all other or many efforts have failed to correct it.  Best Buy is even offering to students that they will fix it for free.  After they looked at the computer today even the Geek squad was unable to make heads or tails of it.  

    The real question is why isn't Dell all over this and publishing to its customer base these issues.  Dell if you want my continued business please respond, otherwise I am not going to compromise any more and am heading to buy a MAC computer.

    Per Dell's supported OS link only Vista runs on the Inspiron 1525; otherwise I would also be planning on a new OS instead of the new garbage MicroSoft is producing. 

    Alladvice iswelcome.

  • I'd also like to know how much it will cost to fix this since I have the exact same problem and my warranty is expired.  My Inspiron 1525 is also 18 months old. 

    It seems there is a problem with this system since there are so many forums regarding this issue. 

    I'd love to know why Dell is not doing right by their customers and addressing this problem.


  • This is very disappointing, this problem happened to my laptop, just today. And I found out that my warranty expired 7 days ago. I tired to contact tech support, but they wouldn't help unless I provided a credit card number or purchased an extended warranty of  $169. But, then they said it wouldn't cover the processor or motherboard. I have 6 other Dell laptops and all have been working great for years. This new laptop, just over a year old, is already dead :-(

  • Yes, this IS very disappointing!  What did the tech tell you needed to be done to fix the problem?  Also, what do we need to do with the laptop if we can not get it fixed?  I hate to think that I just have to throw mine away.  It's the only laptop I have and I used it all the time.  I've had 4 Dell desktops and never had any problems with them.

  • If BIOS doesn't start, or the BIOS setup screen is not accessible it means it got stuck somewhere in POST. (Power On SelfTest).

    This pre-BIOS phase checks all connected components on their integrity - if one fails it stops.

    POST can only output the results to the keyboard LEDS, the combination of lights indicate the error encountered.
    If there's no lights, it's likely POST didn't even get the chance to start.
    The first place to look is memory - swap memory modules and try again, reseat them etc.
    Next would be opening the hood and do the same for all removable components - reseat them and try again.

    If you get Time of Day Clock stopped, it means it got into BIOS startup after POST. In most cases this message comes when the CR2032 battery is empty.

    Consequently it forgets it configuration and goes into factory mode if the battery is empty long enough.
    You should be able to continue by pressing F1, if that doens't happen, check memory....

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  • Thank you.  I forwarded the message to my 2 sons and they are going to try your suggestions.