using wireless catcher and on/off button on Latitude E6400 without Control Point Communications Manager


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using wireless catcher and on/off button on Latitude E6400 without Control Point Communications Manager

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I have a Latitude E6400 with an ethernet card, Wifi card, bluetooth and broadband modem. I have found that the Dell Control Point Communications Manger was only useful for managing broadband connections with my Dell 5530 HSDPA card. It still, however, tried to manage all the other connections in a combersome and rigid manner. Since the computer already had quite capable applications to manage internet connections, wifi networks, and bluetooth, the DCPCM was not only annoying but also redundant. My frustration moved me to remove the DCPCM look for a substitute. What I found on the forum was the Dell Wireless Manager 5530 HSDPA Application - Version 5.2.1045.43 A00. It is designed for the Latitude Mini but installed and works like a charm on my E6400 - great interface, smooth operation, minimum clutter, etc.

However, now I find that when using the wireless catcher button, nothing happens. For the wireless on/off switch, moving it generates no notification from the laptop, even though it appears that it does in fact shut off my wireless.

Any separate applications (not DCPCM, of course!) that would help me to manage these buttons?

Thanks for your help,

R Perry

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  • Not sure if you've solved this yet but I had the same problem and just had to enable the WiFi catcher app.  You can activate it through the quickset but if you're like me and removed quickset you can turn it on but it's buried in the Control Point Connection Manager software under the Profiles.

    Hope that helps.




  • Thanks for the reply. It seems that the new generation of Latitudes no longer includes Quickset, but instead uses the Dell Control Point Cxn Manager. As others have noted, it is not clear what value that program brings to managing the laptop to justify the memory / disk space it takes up. I am using a wireless connection manager and the usual ethernet and wireless network control panels available under windows. I was hoping that some arcane control panel, freeware, or whatever might allow use of the catcher without dealing with the Control Point Cxn Manager.

    Thanks again,

    R Perry

  • To follow up: I found that both switches can be disabled through the BIOS. Have done so and now live more easily.


    R P

  • I'm new with my Dell E4300. I bought it same days ago. I tried to turn off my WI-FI Catcher in the BIOS but it doesn't work. The machine still doesn't ignore the WI-FI Catcher. It shows me that WI-FI Catcher is disabled, but my machine still reacts on turning WI-FI Catcher on and off.

    How could I really disable the WI-FI Catcher?