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non dell battery replacement

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I have an e1405 laptop and my 6 cell battery I got with the laptop stopped holding a charge just over two years after buying it new. I recently bought a new 9 cell battery that is not Dell branded and it appears to be working fine for the most part, but my computer continues to say it is running "on AC power" even when it is not plugged in and running off the battery. The screen brightness does change between when I'm plugged in and not, and the battery does charge, so clearly something in the computer knows that it's running off the battery. However, other than the brightness of the screen I cannot see how much juice is in the battery at any given time, and I cannot change any settings to make my computer run differently when running off battery power (ex. go to standby when I close the lid). Is there some setting somewhere or a reset button I can hit to force my computer to admit that it is running off a battery?



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  • No, there isn't - third party batteries likely don't have a circuit in them to allow the system to interact.  Try a Dell battery.


  • OK I have a similar problem I bought a non dell extended life battery (the one that sticks out further) for my inspiron 1525 and it wont charge even when it says its plugged in? Do I have to do something special with an extended life battery?  Or is it just cause it's not a Dell?