Green light on AC adapter turns off when i plug into Laptop...Wont turn on


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Green light on AC adapter turns off when i plug into Laptop...Wont turn on

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I have a Dell e1705, about 2years old.
When i connect the charger just to a power socket
the green light on the charger comes on but when i plug the
the other end into the laptop the green light on the charger
goes off, I have taken the battery off the laptop and it still
does the same thing, and under both conditions the laptop will not
power up and no lights appear on it.
The only way i can get the light back on the charger is to unplug from
the laptop and wall socket and then just plug it back into the wall socket and the light appears.

I had recently put in a new videocard that i had to order from ebay since my old one died and the computer worked perfect for about a this happened


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  • You can go back and make sure your video card is properly seated, but when the LED goes out on connection to the notebook, it's almost certainly a dead mainboard.


  • Ok well this is RIDICULOUS.....its an E1705 that has not worked for a year because the graphics were all messed up. I recently had the money to order a video card online so i did that. Put the video card in and the laptop was back to normal. Today i go to turn the laptop back on and....NOTHING!....Your telling me that i need a new MOTHERBOARD NOW?

    What the hell can i do to get a working laptop? i did not pay 1300$ to have to replace a video card...nevermind a motherboard. Dell must have some liability for this.WHAT CAN I DO??? this is so frustrating

  • Dell's responsibility ends with the warranty - if you chose a 3-year warranty, call Dell.  if not, repairs are at your expense, as they would be with any other product you buy once the warranty expires.


  • If you know as much as you claim to know, then you do know the fix - and you also know that almost 80% of all notebooks are made by just two companies, under contract to the "name" on the outside.


  • Sorry just very frustrating. What do you suggest i do? Its not the adapter since i tried it at my friends. I have no idea what my options are

  • If you want to repair the system, you'll need a mainboard. is one source - budget about $400 for a board.


  • I just want to make sure this is confirmed! I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 and it is doing the exact same thing as Turini. It is very frustrating, all I want is a laptop that works. Please tell me there is something wrong other than the motherboard!

  • If the LED goes out on connection to the system, it is the mainboard you must replace.


  • Sorry, i never got mine fixed. Went with Asus