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XP Drivers for Dell Inspiron 1440


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XP Drivers for Dell Inspiron 1440

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I just bought a Dell Inspiron 1440 Laptop without an OS. Installed Win XP but having trouble installing the device drivers. The Driver & Utilities CD as stated in its manual was not provided. Tried to search within Dell's website but couldn't locate suitable ones and it mainly provides for Vista. Can you point me to all the drivers required, especially for idt hidef audio codec? Without the drivers, the laptop would just be another showpiece on the shelf.. Thanks in advance!

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  • http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/SOUND-CARD/OTHER-SOUNDCARDS/ECS-945GCT-M2-V10-IDT-High-Definition-Audio-Driver-040.shtml

    pretty much search what ever you need with the word driver on the end into google and it'll be the first site.

    by the way you can download programs to do it for you. most are free to use to see what drivers you need but have to pay for them to download the drivers for you.

  • Thanks Gary! I've downloaded & installed the audio driver as recommended, all other drivers should be in place. The installation of the audio driver went without any hiccups but upon completion, the device status shows this error : "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". Appreciate your kind assistance again to resolve this problem..

  • Hello .... you can find the drivers for audio  for windows xp in this web 



    this is a tainland page....... I download and install in my inspiron 1440 and it works......

  • most drivers need you to restart your pc in order to work properly, even if it doesn't say you have to.

  • Yay! It worked PERFECT!! Finally music to my ears..!

    Thanks a million Dave! Big Smile

  • Dear all ,

    this is to tell you  that i found a driver which worked for me here:


    its for the Inspiron 1440 , with XP SP3, for the STAC 9228 Sigmatel hardware.

  • Hi phlac, i was wondering what driver did you used for the chipset, video, wireless and lan of it? you're running windows xp pro sp3 right? could you give me an idea please if you may. thanks in advance and more power.

  • Hj phlac,

    I also use Dell Inspiron 1440, here is the link to download all drivers for Dell Inspiron 1440, just missing quickset driver.


    If you can not download or install, plz send email for me

    < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy >

    , I will help you. Wish you success.

  • sir,

        I want the driver of dell inspiron1440 for windows XP.

                                         kindly send me the drivers.

  • Hey  bibhuprasad  did you find the drivers? If so could please let me know here? Thanks in advance.

  • Hey  butikisaurus  did you find the drivers? If so could please let me know here? I using windows XP SP3 too. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi All,

    Can you pls send me the wifi drivers for Dell Inspiron1440 for windows XP OS.

    Thanks in advance


  • This is the link. Let me know if you have problems.