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Mini 10, "Unmountable Book Volume" Blue Screen

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Inspiron Mini 10 -- XP, no CD/DVD drive -- getting "Unmountable Book Volume" blue screen. Won't boot in Safe Mode or last-good-boot -- each flips back to blue screen. Any suggestions?


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  • Dell has rubbish customer service and they can give you no product at all. Atleast you recieved your product and has problems  but I ordered my laptop a month ago and have not recieved it yet. rather i have been told that it was delivered and send me the delivery slip which has not got my signature nor even my name . It is all bougus. I was told to lodge a complaint .Why should be me wasting my time on lodging complaint. My only fault is that I trusted the dell and ordered the laptop online.I don't care about the what ever your delivery services saying. When I am saying that I have not recieved it even the proof provided by your delivery service has got wrong name and not signature from any one from my home so why i am involved in this complication. It is your duty to provide me the laptop as per consumer and customers rights the proof is bogus and not credible. I want you to give me my alptop as soon as possible.I also request please don't use the word again that the delivery services delivered laptop to you because I have not recieved this so stop bluffing.



  • i have the same problem nothing i do will make it work and i would really enjoy haveing a second computer again