Touchpad not working properly on XPS M1530 - does not scroll


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Touchpad not working properly on XPS M1530 - does not scroll

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I had a problem with my system, contacted Dell tech support, they had me disable a bunch of things on my system configuration, and now my touchpad does not scroll, the buttons and everything else work but no scrolling ability. Any suggestions?

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  • Hello, I found solution to this so I really want to share it with the forum.

    I had the same problem: after the OS reinstallment, the touchpad did not scroll ((.

    So!! I downloaded drivers from Synaptics and it did not help scrolling!!!!

    here is what I did that worked PERFECTLY, maybe my experience will help others:

    1.  I went to the Dell - Support - Drivers and Downloads

     2. found my computer (Dell Latitude D600) thru the Chose a Model. 

    3. Waited till the web site recognizes my  Windows XP

    4. Chose Mouse&Keyboards in the Category

    5. It suggested ALPS Touch Pad

    6.  Install Alps following the instructions.

    BINGO! I have my SCROLLING BACK!!! And it is genuine dell's one, so I trust it )

    (after restarting computer it asked me to delete the previous driver (synaptics))

  • Thank you so much! I've been trying so many other ideas and nothing, but this one did it.


  • Currently i am having the scrolling problems you have mentioned, only it started occurring when i switched from Vista to 7. I tried following your steps, only for step 4 there is no "Mouse and Keyboards " category. Any suggestions?

  • My problem also occurred when I switched from Vista to 7. When you are looking for your driver, after choosing your model, it will come up with a list of peripheral options to determine the driver you need. These include: monitor, USB, network card, etc. It should give you an option for "Mouse and Keyboard." The only reason I can't see this working is if there are no new drivers for these, but that is improbable. Maybe the drivers fall under a subcategory, in this case look for "Input Devices" or "Human Interface Devices."  If this doesn't work, try a different way to find the drivers; Dell gives you three options: Enter Tag, Select Model and My System List.

    If this doesn't work, I would communicate directly with Dell and ask them to give you a link or send you the file you need for your keypad.

    Hope that helps.


  • While talking to XPS support on the phone in regards to a unrelated problem ( my speakers stopped working ), i asked about the pad. They said there are no drivers out there at the moment, and to keep an eye out for new ones coming out =/.

  • I still have the file I downloaded from Dell for my XPS M1530. If you give me your email address, I will email it to you.

  • Hi guys!

    I have just recently downloaded Driver 7.1007.115.102 from the Dell support page. Unfortunately scrolling does not seem to work even though it says it is enabled on the Control Panel.

    Should I have uninstalled the previous Driver before installing the new one?

    I have decided to roll back the Driver and this has seemed to solve that problem but I am wondering if there is a fix to my solution other than the one I have used?

    Specs: xps m1530 - Win 7 32 bit





  • I don't think it is necessary to uninstall the previous one, that's usually not the case unless it tells you to specifically do it. I recently reformatted my Dell XPS m1530 (I like to do that every 6 months) and downloaded the drivers and it worked fine. However, I am running Windows 7 64-bit (the xps 1530 is 64-bit capable) which I suggest you should do if you can. While only some hardware may not function with 64-bit - like my Targus port-replicator!!!! - it's worth the upgrade as it allows for up to 8GB memory if you need to go that far.

    I am presently running driver.

    Hope that helps.

    *If he previous driver was working, why not stay with it unless its an obvious security risk?

  • Hi Guys!


    Thanks for the reply Miguel! I've decided to just stick with the current driver:

    I'll also probably upgrade my xps later this year to x64. With the Aussie Dollar climbing against the Greenback I'll be able to pick up the software and hardware cheaper overseas.





  • Hi miguel.simon

    can you sen me touch pad scrolling driver for xps???

    this is my ID: <ADMIN NOTE: Email Id removed per privacy policy>

    thank you!!