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E4300 Mobile Broadband Adapter


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E4300 Mobile Broadband Adapter

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How do I find out if my E4300 has Mobile Broadband Adapter installed?

Under the battery there is Mobile Broadband adapter slot, where I can put a 3G SIM, but this slot is not recognised by system. Dell site has different drivers, but I have no idea which one I should try. Installing Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA Mini-Card made no difference.

I tried running Dell diagnostics CD, but this does not show the Mobile Broadband Adapter model.

Any cluess as to where should I start?

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  • Unless you ordered the card (it is an extra-cost option) you do not have one.  It is not standard equipment. Without the card, the SIM card is useless.

    You can visually check to see if the card is there:



  • e4300 I got a 5530 on ebay for 85.00 and i had a sims card from my adaptor from att it works great   xp,vista and w7