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Dell Inspiron 6000 DVD Drive not working


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Dell Inspiron 6000 DVD Drive not working

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I have 2 Dell Inspiron 6000 notebooks. As the DVDs are not getting detected I thought my drive died and I replaced the DVD drive with the one from other Notebook.
In spite of doing so no DVDs are getting detected. I have un-installed the drivers and deleted the entries in registry as per the instructions shown in one of the forums and restarted the machine.
I need to format my notebook and its more than 2 months since I am stuck with this issue.
The name and model for the DVD drive is TSS Corp CDRW/DVD TSL 462 C
I would really appreciate if you guys could help me with this.

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  • Does windows see the drive at all? Will it play cd's?

  • Give this a whirl...

    Power on the system and press 'F12' insert the operating system disk, and then arrow down to onboard/usb cd/dvd rom, then press enter, and press sapcebar a few times as it will read, "press anykey to boot from cd." next note what it shows on the screen, does it show a message like 'windows is inspectingyour hardware configuration, or copying files' or what does it say? 

    If it can read the windows disk Outside of windows then the issue is software and I don't know which steps you took for clearing the upper and lower filters in the registry, but give this one a try inside windows. 

    Navigate to: <> then down to 'fix it for me'  then follow the directions if that failed the link to Microsoft has the next steps as well.


    Let me be very, very clear. You do NOT want to click Here.  

  • Yes I can see the drive but DVDs or CDs don't work. 

  • No. When I try to boot from CD it will wait for few seconds and will ask if to run windows from Safe mode or normal

  • From my understanding, its one of the two systems that the drive isn't working, and You've swapped the drive from the other and its still not working, and its unable to boot off the disk with a "known good drive" in that case I would suggest yah call or chat in to tech support let them know this, and If I were the tech I would go ahead and ge a dispact for the motherboard set up, as its likely the connection from the driv to the MOBO, they might even send a replacement optical drive depending on the L2. Good Luck

    Let me be very, very clear. You do NOT want to click Here.  

  • Well, being that it is 4 or 5 years old, it would probably cost more than it is worth to have Dell fix it.