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Can't get drivers to download


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Can't get drivers to download

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I select the driver, I tell it to download now, the system downloads "delldriverdownloadmanager.application", I click on that and it starts and then tells me that "there are no files to download". I'm sure that I am doing something wrong but can't figure out what it is. Has anyone got a hint? Where do I go for support of this function.

Thanks for any guidance.

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  • Dhaka, it is totally excessive and possibly destructive to tell people to reinstall their OS and drivers just to get rid of a nuisance like the Dell Download Manager.

    You are correct about the 2 options.  But for removing a program and its cookie you do not need to reinstall the OS.  Please give less apocalyptic advice.


  • Those of you having issues with the Download Manager may want to read this wiki article:   How to by-pass the Dell Download Manager


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    Give this a whirl.

    Navigate to the downloads list and instead of clicking Download Now, click the name of the file, On the next screen use that download button, it pulls from a different link, I tested it in Firefox and Chrome both times gave me the option to use the download Manager or the Browser, I selected the browser and then chose to save the file.   I wish yah luck, I've noticed the downloads page has issues intermittenly



    Let me be very, very clear. You do NOT want to click Here.  

  • Angry - oops  - posted twice

  • I've had the same problem, but FIXED it - eventually!! !Smile

    In my case it was all about having the current version of the MS .NET Framework software.
    it was not a quick solution either, since I first had to check what I did have via "add/remove programs" then compare with the release sequence from MS.
    In some cases, eg 3.5 it included upgrades to versions 2 or 3, but then there were other patches to be added too, after running the upgrade!

    SO I removed upgrades from my PC that were 'out of sequence'  using add/remove software, then ran the MS upgrades in sequence, n it WORKED - Yessss!
    Worked very well once I had resolved this.
    BTW, I'm using Firefox (tho' NOT for thr MS updates, have to use IE for that!!) so there was a further FF patch too.

    So you need to carefully compare .NET release on your PC with the order MS have them, READ the notes carefully, - I know they are boring (clearly written by an insomniac trying to send himself to sleep!) but it resolved hours of trying to run the downloads, n wondering why, oh why won't this run .... gggrrrr

    One other thing, I found the other suggested fix replied to on this thread didn't work, which then made me look elsewhere.

    Hope this helps someone :-D


  • Having same problem.  Could not get drivers for laptop.  Walked customer through buying a new HP laptop.  Threw the Dell in the trash.  Congratulations Dell, you have lost another customer.





  • The download manager isn't one of Dell's better ideas.  Clear the browser cache, go back in and  choose "download using my browser" and you won't need it.

    As for those who recommend HP to their customers - well, do a bit of research.  That advice will cost YOU money and customers in the long run.  If you think Dell is bad - you haven't dealt with HP.  They're easily the hands-down worst in the industry at service and support.


  • This has just made my 180 dollar bluetooth headphones useless! I'm so sick of Dell doing this to customers. What is so wrong with downloading the drivers for my laptop? Download manager is useless. Thanks Dell hell!

  • Having all the same problems, finally got the Download Manager to 'work';.  Once it did, I selected the package, and it states the package is empty?  Next I used the browser download.  It fails acts like it will download and just cycles with zero progresss, like there is no file to download.

    The must frustrating part is that you can't see to tell Dell there system is broke without them charging you.... 

  • Thank you for your suggestion. For the people who do not know how to compare the release sequences from MS. Would it be ok just to remove them all and download them back again from MS? I haven't tried it out yet. Just want to make sure that it is ok to do so. Also, is your solution better than clearing the Browser Cache method?  Dell Driver Download manager never worked for me and I never remember to search a solution until now.  I had to agree with some disappointed users that Dell did not respond with a better solution to its users and that would loose them customers.  I will not want to buy another dell again unless I know they plan to change.  Thank you very much.

  • if getting problem with Dell Download Manager then enter into Dell Website n there u can find Software Download option then use ur Service Tag or Model of ur laptop or desktop, there u can find all the drivers n application for Windows XP or Vista.

    another matter where is ur Dell Drivers Installation disk which was given while u buy ur laptop or desktop??

    hope the problem will be solved. thanks

  • Had the same problem in Firefox 3.5.5 just today (11/11/09). Found this thread, couldn't get Asarius' suggestion to work for me, but I opened IE, carefully chose the "browser" download option on the pop-up window, and had no problem getting the file.

    However, every time I tried to download any driver in FF, it wanted to run/install the Dell Download Manager. There is a page that tells you that you can uninstall the DDM: the Dell Download Manager FAQs ( which showed up for me in the Download Quick Links on the right-hand side of the individual driver page. So, I uninstalled DDM with Windows XP add/delete programs and rebooted just to be safe. No joy. Still it wants to use the DDM.

    AngryWarning: the following 3 paragraphs are, admittedly, a rant because I am SO torqued at Dell support right this minute. If you want answers, skip to the bottom.

    So I contacted on-line chat and waited between 20 & 30 minutes for a response. When I finally got a response, I summarized the problem succinctly. He didn't know what it was and wanted access to my machine. I asked why and didn't it seem likely that the problem was a cookie or some other stub program that I could delete. I asked similar questions several times, and finally gave up and let him see the PC. I've done this before and had no problem. He poked around, did exactly the same stuff that I'd done and told him about in my initial summary, finally convinced himself that I was telling the story correctly and said that he needed me to contact a paid support line. I pointed out that my system is still in warranty. He said the problem involved Firefox. We went to IE and, lo!, in IE, I also no longer have a choice whether to use the DDM or the browser; it defaults to the browser, just like when I chose that option to download my driver.

    Sounds like cookies, yes? While I was waiting for him to find these "experts" and hook my session up to them, I opened up the Firefox and IE cookies looking for similarities. There were several FF cookies with an expiration date several years out from today, so I figured they would be suspects. In IE, I found one file "" that was listed as type "text document" so I opened it. (There was a warning, but I opened it anyway.) Toward the top of the file, I found "StormPCookie" which was the name of one of the cookies in Firefox. Toward the bottom I found "downloadoption=directdownload" which is exactly the option I chose for downloading in IE. Just about that point the "techie" came back.

    After nearly an hour on-line with this "techie" he opened Firefox options and deleted ALL my cookies. I was LIVID. Now, I know there are folks who clean out their cookies regularly, but I'm just a Grammy who mostly visits Amazon and knitting and embroidery sites, and I'd just as soon leave the cookies for the sites I regularly visit right there in place so that I don't lose my saved shopping carts, wish lists, etc. What I do or don't do with temporary files on my computer is MY business, not someone else's. And I really don't want to hear apologies or excuses about how the files are temporary and deleting them didn't damage my system. As soon as I figure out how to find someone at Dell who gives a rat's patoot, I'm going to report this bozo.

    Rant over.

    Big SmileWhat I found:

    1. Now that all the Dell cookies are gone from Firefox, I am again presented with the option to use the DDM or my browser to download.  If you are interested in trying to delete only the cookie that causes this particular issue, I recommend starting with "StormPCookie." I couldn't test that because some ham-fisted idiot wiped out everything.
    2. After I deleted the "" from the IE cookies, I am again presented with the option to use the DDM or my browser in IE.
    3. I will never again choose to use the Dell Download Manager.
    4. I will never again let Dell tech support take over my machine if he can't first tell me clearly and specifically what he intends to do.
  • The download manager just doesn't work!!!

  • I confirm the same thing worked for me.  With IE8, delete the cookies (which for me seems not to cause much inconvenience) and then go to the Dell site again.  Now when you try to download it will ask you if you want to download directly, or to use the download manager.

    This time, avoid the Dell Download Manager.  Click the other option, download using the browser, and it runs just fine.

    Sarah451, thanks for the writeup.  I could find some cookie editors but none that worked in 64-bit Windows, and so I just used IE's tools/options dialog and removed all cookies.  The effect has been minor: it seems many sites still remember me at least to some level and I have not lost anything I seem to need.

  • what is your Dell PC or Notebook Model no? n wht ur system configuration plz. as u r n't easy going abt computer matter, u better install ur OS and then Dell Drivers. then frm internet u can update ur Internet Explorer to 8 n download n install "DAP(Download Accelarater Plus<not premium>) . i recomand u to use Internet Explorer for the entire operation. now go to the Dell website n then software download page there u can use ur system Tag / Model no for ur software ( . after u use ur Systme Tag no then u can see the sofware n drivers of ur system.

    now when ur going to download n click then there will shown 2 option 1. Download through Dell deriver download manager 2. download through ur internet Explorer

    You will chose 2nd n then u can see ur driver will download by DAP thoruh Internet Explorer.


  • You want me to reinstall my OS just so I can make the DAP work?  There's no way.  I am an IT person, I feel sorry for people who follow your instructions not knowing better.  I also contacted dell (chatting option) and they sent me to a driver provider that charges a monthly fee to give me "FREE DRIVERS!!!"

    I am not easy going about the matter, like I said, I am in professional IT, and I would be fired if I would have a user go through this mess with one of my applications. 

    Here's a real solution... I figured out you have to clear your internet temp files in order to even get the 2 options when downloading.  Othewise, it just tries to use the DAP and the DAP never starts.  I am using internet explorer 8 so the browser is not the issue.  I also DO have the .NET 3.5 sp1 installed so that's NOT the issue.  The issue is in this DAP.  I had used it before and I believe since the update it just doesn't know what to do with my old DAP and whatever new stuff they put out there.  So again, the solution is to clear internet files and go at it with a regular download and not the DAP.  I also figured out that Firefox works if you just download the good old way.