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Inspiron 1525 backlight/inverter

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I have a 15 month old Dell 1525 laptop and the screen is completely dark.  I took it in to a repair shop and he said it could be the backlight/inverter but that he couldn't fix it because Dell wouldn't sell him parts.  First of all has anyone else had this issue and if so (I am out of warranty of course) how much it cost to fix it and if you sent it to Dell or found a computer repair shop that could do it.  I was just wondering if I should call around.  He also said it might be the motherboard.  But if I am having a problem after 15 months like this I won't buy another Dell product.

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  • If you call Dell or take it to Geek Squad, etc., they'll just replace the screen and hand you a bill for $350+.

    An LCD repair shop can replace the bulb or rebuild the inverter for $100 or so. 

    First, attach an external monitor -- which is what youru repair shop SHOULD have done.  If it shows a clear image, then it's the LCD that needs repair.  If it doesn't, then it's more likely a faulty system board.  In that event, replacement of the system makes more sense than repair - and if you DO buy a new system, seriously consider a 3-year warranty next time - one out of five notebooks has a major failure within the first three years, regardless of brand - and Dell didn't design or build your system - Quanta Computer did.  The same Quanta Computer that supplies about 1/3 of all notebooks in the world - including may HP/Compaq, Toshiba, Apple, Sony, Gateway/Acer/eMachines, and other "brands" of notebook.  You may not want another Dell, but you could well get another Quanta in disguise - and it'll be no more or less reliable than the one you have now.


  • OH my repair shop did hook it to an external monitor and it works and that's what I have been using here at home.  Thanks for clarifying to me regarding the building of notebooks.  And yes next time I will get an extended warranty.  At any rate, from what you are saying I should be able to take it to a repair shop and have them replace the bulb or rebuild the inverter.  Do I specifically ask if they are an LCD repair shop?  I know I am really ignorant when it comes to computers, so if anything I say sounds dumb, well it probably is.   Oh also, the screen will appear briefly if the electric cord is not connected to it .  Once I put the cord in I lose the picture.  It's just so weird..anyway, thanks for your answer.

  • It sounds like a faulty inverter.  Look for an LCD specialist or a true repair shop - not a parts swapper.


  • The guy at that repair shop must be a bad businessman. Ask him if he has ever heard of eBay. Also, Dell will sell anyone parts.

    Better yet, don't ask him, and fix it yourself for less than 20 dollars.

    I did see another post here about a month ago with this same issue. We advised the owner of the laptop to plug the laptop in to a monitor and see if he saw a picture. That tells you that the motherboard is ok. Then you are looking at either the lcd inverter, or the backlight in the lcd. It is probably the inverter. The other person that posted on this same issue, posted back about a week ago to tell us that the new inverter did fix the problem.

    It's easy to replace. Take off six screws and remove the the front lcd trim bezel. At the bottom of the screen you will see the lcd inverter.Remove two more screws, and it is off. You can do this job yourself in a half hour or so, taking your time. As cheap as the inverters are, make sure you get a new one, and not a used part.

    Good luck, and please post back and let us know how it goes.

  • Got a video showing how to do the repair, and a link to where I can buy the parts?

  • Yes i have the same laptop and same issue with it and i thought it was my screen so i bought a new screen off ebay because Dell wanted 159.99 for a new screen and i bought one for 88 bucks. Only to remove mine and to find out it still had the same issue. I believe its the backlight/inverter and have searched dells site for this part but cant find it. I also posted in this forum trying to figure out what was wrong with my laptop with no responses and like you i started having problems with it about 16 months after i bought it of course out of warranty. I feel ya i always loved dells until this laptop and now i really dont want to buy a dell again

  • Thanks for the link and the information regarding this issue. I posted on here with no replies on the issue. I found the inverter/backlight combo's on ebay for between 20 to 35 dollars. So they are plenty of them out there to buy. Thanks again and i will post again once i get my new inverter/backlight and fix my laptop to let you know it worked.

  • Did you get this to work? I am going to have to do the same thing for my mom's 1525.

  • Nope haven't gotten it to work yet.    I've just been using an external monitor until I can buy a new computer.

  • You can watch a video on how to replace a screen inverter here:

    Also if you want to buy a cheap screen inverter you can find one on eBay, just as Morpheousman said. Just search for screen inverter dell and your model of laptop, but be careful, because there are many types of screen inverters. I recommend first to take your faulty screen inverter off, see what is it's device model and then search for one that has the same device model.

    Good luck!

  • Remove the screen and get the model number of the screen, not the laptop; there are many different screens for simular/same laptop models.  For example, I am reparing my daughter's dell, and her screen model is B154PW02.  I ordered a B154PW02 from an eBay seller which was advertising a B154PW02.  However, they sent a B154PW01.  It is not compatable but they're insisting it is.  I am on my fourth day with these jerks and about to run it through eBay.  So be very careful and insist, if you buy from eBay, that they send the EXACT model.