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coin cell internal battery location-dell inspiron 1525


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coin cell internal battery location-dell inspiron 1525

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The answer to this is probably obvious to everyone but me, lol, but can anyone tell me where the coin cell/bios battery is located inside

a dell inspiron 1525 or, does anyone have a diagram or something of the internal system (besides the illustration that's in the book). 

 Help is much appreciated.


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  • Your manual would have that. Get it or view online at Dell Support. HERE  <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> It certainly is a pain to replace. Are you sure you need to replace it? Is your computer losing time or bios settings? If not, it could the main battery that needs replacing. Try removing the battery and use just the adapter. If the symptoms go away, replace the battery (expensive) or use it always plugged in. (cheap)

  • Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I'm sure it's the coin cell battery, it started with losing time and disolved into the time clock error. We also have a

    same model dell we used to check the main battery on, just to cover the bases. I have seen the manual instructions, which suggest basically

    disassembling the entire computer (oh boy), I'm just wondering at which point is the battery revealed. We're down to it being under? the WLAN card,

    can someone tell me if this is right? That's what it looks like in the manual's picture, or at least in the general area. The WLAN card is about the only thing really left

    inside the computer now, and the only part we can't remove (stripped screw).


  • You need to download the service manual from Dell Support.

    Many parts are very easy to replace on the Inspiron 1525, unfortunately, the bios battery is not one of them. The laptop will need to be almost completely disassembled to replace the battery. The battery is on the bottom side of the system board, and it will need to be removed to gain access to the battery.

    The instructions in the manual are pretty well detailed. Just take your time, and don't force anything.

    Good luck.