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How do I remove hard drive caddy for inspiron 1720?

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So I have an inspiron 1720 and want to upgrade the hard drive that I have currently.  I took off the screws to the hard drive caddy but it seems like the case and the hard drive are glued together and I can't get the caddy off.  I don't want to buy another caddy since it costs like $30 which is almost half of what I paid for the hard drive itself.  Is there any way to get the original hard drive off?  Why do they even stick the original hard drive together with the caddy?

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  • It may be a tight fit, but the drive isn't glued in.


    Note:  the caddy for the second drive is NOT the same as the one for the boot drive.


  • Ah, thanks.  I actually saw that page before but it doesn't tell me how to actually remove the caddy from the hard drive.  I've tried prying it out in every way but it just doesn't come out.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

  • They are generally held on with four small screws in the bottom or sides of the drive.