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Adding more than 2 gb of ram in Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook

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I was curious whether anyone had any success in adding more than 2 gb of ram to a Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook while running Windows XP. I tried adding 2x2 gb sticks thinking that I could get between 3 and 3.5 gb of ram recognized for actual use. However, the computer will not boot even to bios with both 2 gb sticks installed.  I know Dell said that the laptop has a 2 gb maximum for ram, but I wondered if anyone had an update or solution that would allow me to boot with more ram than I am currently using.



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  • There is no  update - the hard limit is 2G.


  • Yea thats what I have read but I was curious whether anyone had found a way around the hard limit....

  • There is no way to work around a limit engineered into the system board.  This is a system that's now at least three years old - if not older -- and at the time it was being designed, even 1G modules were new and rare.


  • Hi, does this also apply to the 9400, as I have seen on many different forums that you can use upto 3.2Gb ram? Thanks.

  • The 9400 uses a much newer design and will take 2, 2G modules.