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XPS M1730 Dead - Motherboard issue ?


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XPS M1730 Dead - Motherboard issue ?

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 Hello everyone,


It looks like I am another unlucky owner of a deffective xps m1730, it's surprising how many people have numerous problems shortyl after their 1 year warranty expires.

My laptop was working fine until one day I found it dead in my room.

I had left it there for 20 mins and when I got back the power brick's led was off, and the laptop was off. My battery had already died 1 month earlier so I couldn't try to start it on the battery.


The power supply had 19.5 V (measured with multimeter) and it was also capable of delivering power to the loads I tested (some 20 - 30 watt lamps)

As soon as I connected the power plug to the motherboard the power brick's light went off (high possibility of short circuit on the motherboard)

I opened the laptop and observed no visual faults, I tested the plug (continuity) on the motherboard and it was fine, the problem should be somewhere after that point.

I am wondering if there is anyone who knows (and wants to share) how to repair common faults on a mother board, like in my case.


At this point I'm thinking of buying a refurbished m/b and replacing it myself (150-200 $), or give it to a shop to repair it, (100+ quid)

Any ideas are welcome


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  • If the LED on the power supply goes out when you connect the notebook, the mainboard is dead.


  • ejn63

    If the LED on the power supply goes out when you connect the notebook, the mainboard is dead.



    thanks for your reply


     do you know of any component level repair procedure ?

     do you know what's the most likely to "blow" component ?


  • Component level repair requires a significant investment in tools - and at $75-100 or more per hour of labor, it doesn't take long to exceed the cost to replace the board, which is what most will tell you to do.  Unless you have the tools and expertise to black-box a repair (schematics are not available), forget it - a new board will cost you less than just a couple of hours of a pro's repair time.


  • I had the same problem, I purchased my 1730 in March. It was down for 5 weeks, ultimately went to the Depot. Had it for one week, now it makes a tapping noise, after about 5 minutes of running. So,.....Dell Here I come........wonder why these are no longer available for purchase.....

  • Hi All,

    Same problem too.  System will not recognize AC adapter, battery does not charge, increasingly hangs on all applications.

    Luckily I purchased a longer warranty and have a mobo replacement scheduled.  Note, when I first contacted support they said that the problem was the power supply.

    When the system runs, it is great.  However, if my second motherboard fails, I will be really disappointed.  These systems are not cheap, and were the flagship gaming  laptop for Dell.  So if I"m dead after warranty I will not come back to Dell.  Maybe try HPs Voodoo systems...


  • My XPS M1730 has just died after only 2 years of ownership. I do not have extended warranty. The screen won't come on. A preboot diagnostic seems to point to motherboard failure, however I suspect also possible graphics card failure. If this is going to be expensive to fix, I'm just going to throw the whole large, hot, and unreliable piece of e-junk in the bin. And buy an Apple laptop.

  • Should you choose that, purchase 3-year Applecare if you don't want to be in worse shape in two years.  While Dell charges about $400-500 for a board replacement, Apple charges $1,100+ -- and Apple's notebooks are made by the same suppliers who make Dell notebooks, with equivalent reliability.


  • Hi All, it seems I am now a member of an increasingly unpopular band of unhappy XPS owners. Bought an XPS m1730 in London two years ago for £2k! thinking that if I buy a top notch system I will be getting quality and it will last me the five to six years I had budgeted, not so. I spent so much money on the main unit I didn't have any money left to buy the extended insurance. Playing StarCraft II the other day and it locks up, like a memory or CPU failure and when I try to turn it on again it doesn't boot up! All the lights come on but the screen is blank and none of the fans start up. I pressed Fn + Power and the middle LED was flashing while the other two were off, I looked it up and it says that it is a memory issue, so I tried replacing the memory.....nothing!

    So now I have to figure out if it's the Motherboard, CPU or Video Cards (Dual SLi). I tried calling Dell tech services and he got me to do all the simple stuff, pressing buttons, adding an external monitor, etc and nothing. Then he said he can't help me and that someone from the Sales Dept would call me to tell me how much it is going to cost ME to get my XPS assessed to see what's wrong. Sure enough no-one has called me. I would have expected Dell to stand by their product warranty or not, particularly seeing how much the bloody things cost in the first place. So seeing as I have a huge sunk cost for my initial unit and I can't throw it away can you all please help me out with some information? Needless to say I will never buy Dell again.

    What is the make & model of the motherboard in the XPS (I can't find it listed anywhere) and where can I get a manual? One would think it would be in the XPS manual !

    What is the most cost efficient way for me to get my XPS computer fixed from the options below? (I'm in Australia):

    1. Pay for Dell to assess the laptop and tell me what's wrong, then pay them again to replace the parts?

    2. Take it to a local repair guy and hope that he/she doesn't rip me off?

    3. Get some older spare parts on eBay and try fixing it myself?

    I'd really appreciate some support because I sure as hell can't rely on Dell. Thanks.


  • hi, please tell me if you have an answer, my xps 1730 is work on 790 MHZ instead 2,4 GHZ and the led baterry flash don't work, what's the problem??? I change the new adapter  and still work on 790 MHZ ??? I scared for my motherboard if is dead ??? please help me, tx.

  • Yes, I too join the ranks of the growing dissatisfied costomers of Dell Computers. Your explaination of your problem with your dell xps m1730 is exactly the same as mine. I bought mine almost 4 yrs ago for about the same price you did here in Canada. One day I came into my den and pushed the start button and only the lights powered up... no display no sounds no post start bios check only the power lights and the network card lights, Batter is fine as I replaced the defective one about a yr ago but same thing power lights, cdrom flashes up, network card flashes and blips but nothing else,

    If you've found a way to fix the problem could you pls email me?

    thanx if you read this!


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