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Dell D505 Laptop - AC Adapter turns off when plugged into laptop


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Dell D505 Laptop - AC Adapter turns off when plugged into laptop

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I have a Dell D505 laptop.  Up till yesterday, it functioned perfectly.  Yesterday morning, I noticed that I was running on battery power, even though I was plugged into the wall.  I check the adapter, and the green light was not lit.  I unplugged the adapter from the laptop and the wall, and plugged it back into the wall.  The adapter light lit up and stayed illuminated.  As soon as I plugged it into the laptop, the green light on the adapter turned itself off.

I spoke with a friend who happens to repair laptops, and he's seen about a dozen of the Dell D-Series all with issue.  He has no answer as to what exactly might have gone wrong.

Has anyone here seen or fixed this issue, short of sending the laptop in for repair?  The things retail for $200, and they aren't worth the $50 to diagnose and $100 to repair if you have to actually send them somewhere.

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  • When the adapter LED goes out on connection to the notebook, the mainboard is faulty - figure on a $400-500 repair.


  • A new motherboard in other words, Dell faulty.

  • I own a Dell Vostro 1500 business laptop about 20 months old. Recently I received the same message about "AC Power Adapter is incorrect. Please use a Dell 65w power supply" I was able to solve my problem without any costs.

    1. Shutdown your laptop

    2. Remove the battery

    3. Boot up and go to

    4. Download the appropriate BIOS upgrade for your laptop (use the service tag info)

    5. Re-insert battery while system is still running

    6. Install the BIOS upgrade. system will restart. Problem should be resolved, hopefully.

  • I believe I'm in the same boat, though with an E1505 laptop.  Anyone happen to know if getting the battery-- which is presently very dead-- recharged elsewhere, would power up the system.  At the moment, the computer is completely non-responsive/does not power up at all. Same symptoms as described here above otherwise.

    Thanks.  Nick

  • Unless the system will power up without a battery at all, the battery is not the cause of the problem.


  • This may not 100% true. I'm saying this because after I read this I almost died thinking I'd be forking out a lot of cash for a repair but I got it working again!

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. This exact thing happened to me:

    Laptop turned itself off, being an inspiron it was hotter than the sun when touched it to turn it on again. Doing the obvious, when I discovered it wasnt coming back to life again, i set it to rest ontop of some cold tiles on the bathroom floor.

    After about a half hour I went back to check on it. Thinking now that it was ice cold it would work, I tried plugging it in. Nothing! No life at all from the laptop. None of the lights were on, despite frequent plugging and unplugging of the AC Adapter.

    I noticed that the light on the AC Adapter would turn off when it was plugged in and wouldnt come back on again until I disconnected it again from the mains.. At this point I must point out that I dont use the battery at all on my laptop because makes it overheat and then its back to the bathroom again. Least portable laptop ever.

    I came scouring the internet for a possible fix. Nothing but the usual "Miracle fix" of holding a power button for half a minute with the cables disconnected and no battery plugged in (suprise suprise) where to be found. Until I stumbled across this post. My heart sank.

    Determined that I could not affort a repair, I grabbed the battery to check if it would turn on with it instead. Plugging it in without the AC Adapter. The lights on the back of the battery light up. Now, this battery hasnt been used in over a year. But it wouldnt turn on and AC Adapter wouldnt charge it.

    Finally, as if it had come back to life as quick as it had left. After simply popping in and out the battery (I'll admit, this was a very desperate attempt to try and get the battery lights to come on), I pressed the power on. And it worked! It booted up fine. Plugging it in again had no effect. The AC Adapter still died but after a while I tried again and it worked! My laptops charging a battery I'd given up on years ago.

    I guess I'm saying dont give up by the first answer you hear, a repair job should always be looked at as the last possible resort.

  • I am having the same issue with my mom's E1705. Im a 15 year old guy and I have no experience what-so-ever at repairing a computer. I found a tutorial on google on how to take apart a E1705. I have removed the motherboard. It took my 30mins. It was super easy actually. Just a few screws and unplugging a few connections. The guide I found

    They also have other models. I found a $40 refurbished motherboard on eBay. Simple repair, totally not worth paying some "certified" Dell technician $500 to repair it.

  • I have a Dell XPS 1530M with the same issue.  As soon as I connect the adapter to my computor, the green light goes off.  I tried another 1530M adapter and had the same result.  Anybody have a clue?

  • I have a Dell XPS Laptop computer, when ever i connect the power adaptor to the machine the adaptor goes off

  • That means your mainboard is bad - you will need to replace it.

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