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Computer wont boot past the DELL Screen, I just want MY DOCUMENTS folder


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Computer wont boot past the DELL Screen, I just want MY DOCUMENTS folder

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DST Error (1000-0142) Ok, i tuned my laptop off on friday night, came back saturday morning turned it on, and it displayed the DELL screen (F2, and F12 button displayed) then a black screen comes with a blinking cursor at the top left corner and nothing boots up...I tried reinstalling the OS (xp) didnt work, tried repairing it (well not sure how it takes me to DOS) I ran the chkdsk /r it had bad sectors and says it repaired it, yet still nothing, i put a portable hard drive in and tried to install windows on the new hard drive, it recoginzed the drive, created a D:\windows\ directory but during the installation when the computer reboots, did NOT go past that blinking cursor again..please help... when i was in the recovery DOS, i was able to browse thu the hard drive, all my files are there, that is what i want to do is copy my personal files, they are all there, but i cannot COPY *.* using DOS, it wont allow me to use wildcards, i was able to copy a certain file for instance, i do not want to format the hard drive before i get my files from it...

what i think it is, its not booting past the BIOS stage, when i ran the diagnostics, DST SHORT STATUS TEST 1000-0142 error appeared, when i ran the DELL Resources CD Diagnostics (not the windows xp cd) and i tested the HArd drive READ, some sectors had erors...and couldnt repair...

I ran the fixmbr, fixboot and chkdsk /R  it created a new boot sector, checked for bad sectors, and says it repaired, however still same problem, blinking cursor, i cannot even start it in safe mode, any other suggestions?

i'm ready to go to the roof and drop it, if anyone can get here in 15 minutes and catch it, you can land urself a 17" dell laptop

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  • You should purchase an external drive enclosure that you can install the old drive into, and then use this with another computer to copy the files. Make sure the enclosure has the correct connection for your drive.

    Then you could try to reinstall the OS using the OS disk and see what happens. If the drive is bad, it probably won't work. You then will need to purchase a replacement drive for the reinstallation. After everything is back working, buy a drive to fit into the external enclosure to uae as a back-up drive. With the appropriate software you can create an image of the laptop drive that can be used to recover everything if this happens again.

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  • KirkD..

    Thank you for that helpful post... so far so good.. i bought the enclosure, pluged it into my desktop and copied the files I needed...well some of the files... the "Documents and Settings" folder under my Username folder is restricted, (Access Denied), I plugged the hard drive back into my laptop and went to the windows recovery console DOS prompt, I was able to view the folder and scroll thru it without a problem, i was reading about chaning ownership of that foler but i can only find a way to do it in Windows, and since my laptop is NOT booting up in windows, not even safe mode, i have to work on this from DOS... any ideas?

  • You need to re-attach it to a system running Windows and take ownership from there.


  • ejn63

    You need to re-attach it to a system running Windows and take ownership from there.



    "to a system"??? any computer with windows?  or my laptop that the files were originally created on, on the windows it is created on? on the computer it was created on? can i change the ownership from my desktop? this is where its telling me access denied.. if i bought a new hard drive for my laptop and installed windows on it, and plug the old hard drive via usb enclosure to the laptop will it let me access it? or wll it still deny it?

  • Hi,

      If you can boot into DOS and want to copy files from NTFS volume, try NTFSDOS utility:

    It should ignore the NTFS security access and copy file from low-level;


    Another solution (if you are a linux fan) is booting from a Linux CD and mount the NTFS partition.


    Good luck!

  • You can use any Windows system running the same or newer Windows (i.e., use Vista for Vista or XP, or XP for XP).  To take ownership using a system running XP Home (the HOST system that is -- NOT the original one) you MUST boot into Safe Mode - you cannot alter the file permissions in normal operating mode.