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xps m1710 how to check if fan is working?


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xps m1710 how to check if fan is working?

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i suspect the right side fan is not working. the machine was getting hot so used dell diagnostic. Tried to reboot but that took forever due to the heat. Tried fangui to force speeds etc, and it reports the rpm speed on second fan even though its not running. so is there some simple way to check if it can actually run?
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  • You've pretty much identified that it's not running - stop using the system before it suffers damage, and have it repaired.


  • yup, did the 32 bit diagnostic. Video fan wasnt working. recieved mail from dell that a technician would come to replace the video fan. so just waiting for the call
  • Hiya, could you tell me where the dell diagnostics thing is please as i am pretty sure my fan has stopped on by Inspiron 1520 as it used to be very noisy and i cant hear it at all and cant feel it blowing either.  are they expensive to repair?



  • Press F12 at powerup to get to the diagnostics.  DO NOT use the system if the fan isn't working.  A fan is cheap - a mainboard or video card that fails due to overheating, is not.