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Inspiron 1525 power issues


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Inspiron 1525 power issues

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When I connect the AC adapter to my 1525 the green light on the adapter goes out and it won't power up with the battery. Trying another adapter gets the same results - the green light goes out. I can't charge the battery or power up if I can't get the AC adapter to work. Is there a way to check the connection at the laptop and see if there's a bad connection or a short? It worked fine until just a few hours ago and now it won't power up.


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  • Hi ! this is a well known issue.

    Any AC adapter converts Ac to DC power and that dc power gets transmitted into the power unit that helps in charging battery and also supplies power to all parts on the system board.

    If there is any fault on the power unit on the board the adapter led goes off indicating shot circuit or in other terms can be explained that the charge transmitted through the DC adapter cable is returning that will heat up the adapter as well and the indication for the adapter LED going off is a clear symptom for a faulty motherboard.

    Finally no matter what you do the only resoultion is that you have to get the motherboard replaced .

    This Solution applies to all Dell branded Portables/Laptops/Travel books



  • Thanks! that is the most useful post I've found! I have this exact same problem with a second hand dell inspiron 1525 which I bought second hand (in working conditionConfused) It started off with a really nasty acrid burnt plastic smell wafting out of the vent, and then the area around the charger heating up  considerably to the point of hurting (it was on my lap at the time...) and now everytime I plug the thing in the led light on the brick will go off.

    luckily it still has 50 days left on the warranty although I dont know if this is coverd? (hopefully..Crying) also how long will it take to send off and get fixed? will they actually replace the motherboard or the machine?


    Thanks again!

  • First, be sure you've transferred the ownership of the system to your name.  You'll need to call and repair will take 7-10 days if it's return to depot service.


  • Yes this was the major problem I faced as I  didnt buy it from the person who bought it orignally (from a pcworld store) and so didnt have the name or adress of the original owner (sigh..) and so they have passed my query over to the concerns department for them to decide what to do, the customer services person wanted proof that it had been sold to me such as an email from the seller although I pointed out that there was nothing stopping me from mocking one up so an email wouldnt prove anything... anyway I contacted the person i bought it off an he is going to get the information I need so hopefully it will be all sorte soon (touch wood)