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Help! Inspiron 1525 "internal, No bootable devices..." after 7up spill. Whats wrong????


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Help! Inspiron 1525 "internal, No bootable devices..." after 7up spill. Whats wrong????

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Hi, I am hoping to get some help or advice.  Recently I spilled some 7up on the right side of my keyboard and hinge cover of my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop. I jumped up and tilted it sideways and upside down to pour off and wipe off and right before it hit power it said something like "preparing for crash". I powered off, removed power cord and battery. I cleaned off the keyboard. I then removed the back center cover, hinge cover, keyboard, dvd drive and hard drive and cleaned any residual soda (only the keyboard showed any signs of soda) and let air dry for several days. Then put back together and turned on...

Now when powered up, it shows the dell screen, then goes to a black screen that reads "internal, No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics."  Pressing F1 brings the same thing again. F5 diagnostics come up with "Error Code 0141 no hard drive detected"

I tried to put in a new hard drive and power up... Same thing. I think maybe the motherboard fried. I can get one for about $150. Is it worth trying, or??? I dont know what to do. My computer knowledge on a 1(low) to 10 (high) scale is about a 6.  I hoping some of you 8, 9 and 10s can help me out. Any common problems with these?

It is 7 mos old and WAS working fine till the soda. The warranty is a year but it would be denied for soda being in it. Im on my own.

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  • It could be the mainboard (alone), but sounds more like the hard drive is the first thing to replace.


  • Note he said he tried another hard drive and same error.

    It is possible you damaged the controller on the motherboard which if true then you need replacement motherboard.

    Laptops are great and convenient and so nice to use especially on our laps.

    Rule 1....never eat or drink around  your laptop when using it.....this is most likely to happen to anyone who does

    One possible solution is if you purchased your laptop with a major credit card that offers 1yr extended warranty you may be covered by them

    My cards have it and I use them to buy everything for this very sort of accident. Fortunately my card covers accidental damage so check with your CC company if you bought with a CC.