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laptop will not shut down properly


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laptop will not shut down properly

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  We have an Inspiron 1525, and are having problems getting it to shut down properly.  I posted this problem a few weeks ago, but got no reply, so I am trying it again.  I hate to get on the phone with  Dell - it takes forever to get an answer. 

  We always try to use the Shut Down option on the main menu icon at the bottom left of the screen.  Sometimes it will work just fine.  But lately it has been starting to shut down (it will say "logging off" and will clear the screen) and then it will boot back up again.  So we have to wait until it has completely booted up (which takes forever) and then try the Shut Down option again. Usually that works, though sometimes it just keeps running, and running, and running... So then I resort to shutting it off with the power button.  This is very frustrating.  Can anyone help here???

  Thank you very much!



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  • Once you click on the Windows Orb (Start button), are you then clicking on the "shutdown" icon (to the left of the "lock" icon or are you hovering over the arrow (to the right of the "lock" icon) and selecting "Shut Down"?

    If you are clicking on the icon to the left of the "lock" icon, it may be that this is set to put the machine into sleep mode (rather than shutdown). You can verify this as follows:

    Start>Control Panel (Classic View)>Power Options>Change Plan Settings>Change advanced power settings>expand "Power Buttons and Lid">expand "Start menu power button" and make sure that this is set to Shut down.

  • Hi!

     I followed your instructions, and sure enough, the "Start menu power button" was set on sleep.  I do usually use the method of using the menu to the RIGHT of the lock and using the "Shut down" command there.  But i went ahead and changed the power button to Shut down anyway.  I do have another question though.  We often leave the computer on and it then goes into sleep mode (I think) - will changing the power button affect this situation?  I really appreciate your help!  I am so glad there are people out there who understand these machines!



  • Hi Sybil,

    No - changing the Start Menu Power Button to Shut Down (rather than Sleep) won't have any affect on your other Sleep settings.

    There are a few other settings that might affect how Sleep works however. Open Control Panel and switch to "Classic View". Then double click on Device Manager. Expand (click on the "+" ) Keyboards, Mice and other pointing devices, Modems (if you have a modem), and Network adapters. Now, double click on the Keyboard and select the Power Management tab. If you want a tap on any key on the keyboard to wake your machine from sleep, then check "Allow this device to wake the computer". If not, then don't check this setting. Repeat this for the mouse, Modem (if available) and Network adapters.

    Hope this helps.

    Edited to add: There is a known problem with the 1525's that have the Dell Wireless adapter (this doesn't apply if you have an Intel adapter). You can check this from Device Manager - again, expand the Network adapters section. When a 1525 with a Dell wireless adapter goes into sleep mode, most times it will reboot immediately after entering sleep mode.

    You can work around this (and this is the only method that works for most) by double clicking on the Dell wireless adapter (from Device Manager), click the Power Management Tab, and UNCHECK the setting that says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". The computer will no longer reboot when it enters sleep mode.

  • Many thanks again for the info.!!  I have written it all down for future reference.  (We don't have a printer yet!!  One of these days!  Though I am afraid that that will be another headache with its own problems! lol!!)  Thus far, your first solution has worked great!  I really appreciate your help!  Blessings to you!!