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fail log in on user profile ( inspiron 1525 laptop )


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fail log in on user profile ( inspiron 1525 laptop )

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since early today... i cant log on on my user profile on my inspiron 1525 laptop.   had this first time... tryed again and success log on.

after i log off and shut down.  few hours later tryed again to log-on  same thing happen again,  try and try again many times   NO SUCCESS.


                     USER PROFILE CANNOT BE LOADED.

my profile is on password which i HAVENT change.  at present iam using my wife profile on here which is working ok   and using this to write this message.

is there anyway  i can get  on too my user profile ???     dont know if i got a virus, corrupt, ect ??    laptop working fine on my wife profile ( has no password)

any info on this will be most wecome...  thank you.    tooting

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  • It's most likely a failing hard drive with bad sectors - to confirm, F12 at powerup, boot to the Dell diagnostics, and run the extended hard drive test.

    If the drive fails under system warranty, record the error and call Dell - ask for a preimaged replacement.

    If it fails out of system warranty, you can purchase any 2.5" 9.5 mm SATA notebook drive as a replacement.


  • Hi

    Had the same problem today. I managed to fix it by booting from the CD [Vista] and make like your going to install windows. Then look at the bottom of the window and click system restore - to an earlier Date. It turned out that Windows had updated itself and corrupted the log in.

    Restarted and all good.