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Latitude D810 2.13GHz.. Memory upgrade...


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Latitude D810 2.13GHz.. Memory upgrade...

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I have a Latitude D810 with DDR2-400 SDRAM 2DIMM, What is the most memory I can put in this laptop..  


Could I put 2... 2GB to get 4GB total..  Or is it true what they say that 2GB is the max on that model??

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  • 2G max.


  • IF I have 1G right now..  if i add 1 more will it help a great deal ??



  • I had a 1.86GHz and I upgraded to 2.13GHz..  Just did it this morning..  Do see a difference in some programs..  But I just want my video graphics card to work it's max..

  • Your video chip is using some of your regular memory.  If you are running Windows XP, you will not gain much in performance, but with memory prices as low as they are right now, I would upgrade if you are keeping your notebook for some time.  If by some chance you have Vista, then yes you wil see a performance increase.  Notebooks have other bottlenecks such as 4200 or 5400 RPM hard drives. 

  • Thanks,  I do have the 7200 RPM hard drive..  Also running windows xp....  So when I do upgrade to the max of 2GB..  Do you happen to know what the settings would be for the Performance settings on the Virtual memory...  Initial and Maxim MB size would be??