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Dell Studio 1537, screen won't turn on.


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Dell Studio 1537, screen won't turn on.

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I just bought this computer and it already has problems. When I turn it on the screen stays black for awhile then a backlight turns on. It just stays like that forever.

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  •  I have a very similar problem with my Dell 1537, I turn it on and the power light is solid but the screen will not turn on. I am very diasappointed in this computer, it is less then 2 months old and when I call dell they told me I need to buy the extended warrenty to talk to the service techs. OK I bough the PC on Jan.31,2009 and the warrenty is already up????< very disappointing I am bout ready to throw the thing away and buy a PC that someone might stand behind

  •  OK I got the PC to power up, it might work for you......I turned thepower om amd off 3-4 tumes in succesion and it came on prompting me to re-start in the repair mode, It seems to be working fine for now. Hope this helpsWink

  • I have the same problem , I turn on the laptop by pressing the Power button , the Back lite on the key board turns on and then it stays on , no hard disk activity.

    Any suggestions.

  • My problem is resolved ,


    1 -  connected the laptop to the power out let , and remove the battery 

    2 - press on /of button on the side , as soon as it turns on , press it again to off it

    3 - repeat step 2 ( 7 or 8 times )

    4 - press the on/off button to turn on the Laptop and wait , it will turn on and every thing is fine


    Also you should call Dell support even if your warranty has expired , if its a problem with the part they will fix it.

  • is it still working your laptop had the black screen problem , please help

  • THANKS A LOT. I had this issue with my 3 years old Dell studio 1537. It would not turn on. The trick you mentioned worked....