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Inspiron 1720 and a failing battery

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My 18-month-old Inspiron 1720 has just begun showing problems with its battery. The laptop display flashes blue and red constantly when plugged into the wall. When the AC is disconnected, the battery does not kick in, and the laptop appears dead. The on-screen battery meter says it is working normally, but it's at 99% capacity and not charging. From what I've read, this appears to be a not uncommon problem, and a new battery is the only solution. Ouch. My question is this: is it safe to run the laptop without the battery installed? I use it in one location virtually all the time anyway. (Perhaps this contributed to the battery problem?) Or is it better to leave the battery in place and ignore the flashing lights? I will replace the battery if I absolutely need to, but I'm hoping to avoid it. Many thanks!  



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  • While it could be a battery problem, the symptoms point to a faulty mainboard -- but you can use the system without the battery installed, with no problem.


  • Thank you very much for your response. I'll remove the battery for now. A faulty mainboard sounds serious. Is it something I should consider replacing? If so, will I likely need to replace the battery as well? It's approaching two years old.