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How to Set Up Windows XP on a Studio XPS 16 Laptop


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How to Set Up Windows XP on a Studio XPS 16 Laptop

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Ok, since I just spent about 30 or so hours over the past 3 days, I figured I'd write some tips and locations of drivers for doing this as noone should have to go through what I just did, and MS is busy trying to make their even newer OS's act like Apples (let's leave this out of the discussion though), and I like to be able to customize the interface to my OS.  Ok, so anyways, here we go :

- The first decision you must make is whether or not you want to keep Vista and do a dual-boot, or to wipe it completely and just have XP.  If you decide to just kill the Vista partition, then this is a much easier process.  Otherwise, do a search for "dual boot vista and xp" and read some of the guides on the individual steps.  Basically, what you have to do is resize the Vista partition using either their tool (which has some limitations, and in my case, didn't even let me resize at all.  But try it first if you want :  I used Gparted which is available here :  Burn it to a CD, reboot, and once in there, you need to use it's partition resizing app to do this.  Read this :, it tells you how to do it.  My HDD is 320 GB, and I resized the Vista partition to 80GB.  This took about 2 or 3 hours. 


After that, I (stupidly) attempted to just install XP, not realizing that XP can not deal with SATA HDD's.  So after a painstaking amount of research, I found out what the next step is.  Using Nlite to make a new XP install that has the SATA drivers on it.  You can also take this opportunity to add and Service Packs ( or 

Ok, so download your drivers.  A very important note is make sure that you download drivers that are appropriate for the number of bits of your version of XP; that is download 32-bit drivers for 32 bit XP, and 64-bit drivers for XP x64.  If you don't know what version of XP you have, then chances are that it's 32 bit.  This hung me up for quite a while and coasterized 3 copies of nlite XP before I got drivers that matched.  :

- Intel WiFi Link 5100 :


- Sound Drivers!! :

- Video : and

Save the sound and video drivers for later.  Only integrate the WiFi and SATA drivers into Nlite.  So, ok, now onto Nlite.  Download that here :

Ok, now read this :

and this :

Once you integrate the above drivers above into the install disc, taking care to keep all either 32 or 64 bits depending on your copy of XP, you can now reboot with the XP disc, and you should be able to avoid the BSOD "Stop : 0x0000007b (0xc0000034, 0x0000000, 0x00000000)" error.  Provided you did everything correctly, you'll get the screen that allows you to partition the HDD for XP.  If you want to wipe Vista at this point, just select that one and format it.  Otherwise, you want to select whatever partition you created using Gparted or Vista's Disk Management.  Install XP as normal.  During the network setup phase it should allow you to setup your wireless.

Now, if you did a dual-boot, you'll need to install the .net platform ( and EasyBCD ( which uses the .net framework.  You can use this to repair the Master Boot Record to allow for dual boot (  That, or you can insert your Vista install disk and fix it. 

Once you're in XP and that' up and running, and you can dual boot if you want to, install the video drivers (after using the Mobility Modder on the newest Catalyst driver from ATI).  The use the sound drivers listed above, and wholah!  Mostly functional XP. 


That being said, not all my devices are set up in XP.   I'm only getting into this now, and if anyone has located drivers for any of the other devices, please post to this and continue this post so we can create a definitive reference for other people with these otherwise nice laptops who also want to run XP on it.

Some info I got was from here :


Best wishes and enjoy your XP!

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  • Ok, a few updates as I'm down to just 1 unknown device and an exclamation on the 1394 Net Adapter. 

    - You will need this chipset Driver :

    - On this page : , download all the drivers from m3d0r .  Everything but the Bluetooth, wireless, and video drivers were appropriate for this machine (unless you did buy a Bluetooth with your Dell).  Here they are for quick access :


    Intel Chipset




    Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet

    IR Receiver

    Volume buttons (put this in Startup folder in the Start Menu) :

    (Thanks to this site for that :


    - Note that installing the HDMI driver will disable sound.  Reinstall the sound driver after this, and you'll have sound back.

  • Ok, one more update.  This link is to a plugin for Winamp that will allow you to use the Play/Pause/Forward/Back/Stop "Media Buttons" on the panel next to the volume/wireless/eject buttons :

  • My English is very bad. If I understood correctly, you removed vista for XP and you find all the driver for XP? Do you install Vista in dual boot ? 
  • No, a few things : Vista is not *for* XP.  Yes, I do a dual-boot with both Vista & XP.  If you remove Vista before you have XP setup, then you will need another PC to download the drivers to.  So, what you should do is download all the drivers to the Vista partition & then *after* XP is set up, you can choose to remove it using either Gparted or some other utility.  If you didn't repair the Vista partition's boot record, then you can just remove the Vista partition.  If you *did* repair the Vista partition's boot record, then you can use EasyBCD to get rid of it and then remove Vista's partition.  Read through all my instructions and the links provided and you should have it up in less than a day.  Good luck! 

  • you have found all the driver?
  • Yes, did you not notice all the links and explanations of what the drivers are above?  READ!!!

  • Dude, thank you thank you thank you for posting this.  I was pulling out my hair out trying to get the sound to work on this thing.  Are there any special procedures to getting the sound working (have to install before SP3, etc.) or are they fully functional no hassle drivers?

    You can install without slipstreaming SATA drivers by changing the drive mode in the BIOS from AHCI to SATA, then XP setup will run, no floppy required and no bluescreen.  I assume you can then install the SATA drivers after XP is installed and change the mode back (so default BIOS settings won't bluescreen your system) but I haven't tried that yet.

    What devices do you have remaining?  I think the only things I hadn't gotten working was the sound and the 1394 net (which is pointless anyway).  I had to put Vista back on as it was for a client who needed the laptop ASAP, but I'll have the chance to try again later this week.

    I'll update and provide alternate sources to some of these drivers as I had found them once I get everything back up and running.

  • This process went fairly well for me too using a slipstreamed XP installation with the Intel AHCI drivers added to the installation. Chipset and WiFi drivers direct from Intel, video drivers from ATI modified as above, Ricoh card reader using Dell file R188094, Synaptics touch pad using Dell file R201389, Wireless Bluetooth 370 using Dell R196560, IDT Audio using the PIDT001 file mentioned above, the TV card using the Hauppage WinTV 7 from the Hauppage site (not version 6 - it installs but the player doesnt work) and the integrated webcam from windows update (I think - cant remember).

    The 1394 Net Adapter is left with a yellow exclamation - the driver installed by XP is Microsoft nic1394.sys version 5.1.2600.5512. I havent been able to find one that works - any ideas?

    I was not able to get the ITE CIR Infrared Receiver installed correctly - the drivers mentioned above (and several others mentioned on the internet) are all Vista drivers. They appear to install but the device is left with a yellow exclamation mark.

    I havent been able to find a driver for the microphone inegrated into the screen.

    I am also left with one "unknown device" - I dont know what it is but there are references on the internet to a vista specific quick start function (or it might be the integrated microphone).

    Overall things went fairly well - the bits I havent been able to sort out are not overly important to me but if anyone has solutions they would be much appreciated. I will update if I get these things sorted out.





  • I have a similar problem to the above.. i can't get my microphone to work. i think it has sumthing to do with the audio drivers... im not sure.. anyone have  a fix for this yet?

  • Did you manage to get the 1394 Net Adapter working i.e. installed without a yellow exclamation and also the ITE CIR Infrared receiver installed correctly - again installed without a yellow exclamation mark?  If so do you mind reporting how?

  • Archway1

    Did you manage to get the 1394 Net Adapter working i.e. installed without a yellow exclamation and also the ITE CIR Infrared receiver installed correctly - again installed without a yellow exclamation mark?  If so do you mind reporting how?

    No I could not get it working. I got my microphone to work but then i did another clean install using the same drivers but now it doesn't work. does yours work? did u search for ur own drivers or are u using the ones in this tutorial?

  • Still using PIDT001 - I tried several others but nothing else will install.

  • I manged to get it working but can't get it working again... i don't think anyone else is going to solve this cause dell won't be creating anymore windows xp drivers...


    I've tried multiple IDT installers but none will work..

  • I did manage to ge the infrared receiver installed without a yellow exclamation - the driver came from and is called ite_8512_3.5.3.3-2kxp( Now all I have to do is to get the dell travel remote to see if it works....

  • Well, the travel remote works in Windows 7 on this machine but not with XP even with the infrared drivers apparently installled correctly.