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Inspiron 8500 Replacement Hard Drive


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Inspiron 8500 Replacement Hard Drive

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This really shouldn't be this hard ... I've spent over an hour trying to figure out what the exact right hrd drive model might be for an Inspiron 8500. 

When I plug in the system's serial number, I get this report for what it shipped with:

  C2180 HD,40GB,I,9.5MM,4.2K,HIT-MRGA

So I hop over to Dell Parts, and find that Dell apparently doesn't sell internal hard drives anymore ... ??? What's up with that???

So I've been hunting the 'net elswhere and found one shop wants to sell


Manufacturer Part Numbers: MK6034GAX.

Compatible Notebook Models: Dell, Compaq, HP, Toshbia, IBM, Sony and several other manufacturers notebooks.

Product Specifications:

Capacity: 60GB
Rotational Speed: 5400 RPM
Motor Drive: Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
Height: 9.5mm
Average Seek Time:12ms
Interface: ATA-6
Transfer Rate: 100MB/sec
Hours:300,000 MTTF hours
Manufacturer:- Toshiba
Condition:- Brand New
Warranty- 6 months
In Stock:- Yes

For a really expensive price ...

So I moved on to my favorite resellers, CDW and Tiger Direct ... can't seem to find "ATA-6"  ... so will an ATA-100 work in this laptop? 

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