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The laptop screen has detached.

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If I call Dell, will they fix it? This happened randomly. I put it in my laptop purse and when I take it out, one side of the laptop is detached. Dell Support has been amazing, but honestly this laptop has been giving me way too many problems.  Anyways, anyone have any idea if I can send it to Dell to they can fix it, or at least send me a refurbished laptop in the meantime?

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  • If it's in warranty they'll repair it.  Out of warranty, you're looking at about $50 in parts for the hinges and frame assembly, plus another hour's labor unless you do the job yourself.  It'd help to know what model system you have.



  • I believe its the Inspiron 1318? I still have the original warranty from when I bought it on August 31st, but I didn't purchase anything extra. Do I have to send my laptop to Dell of something?

  • You'll need to call Dell and find out, but the 1318 is sold at retail, not by Dell directly so you may have to go through the vendor from whom you purchased the system.