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Stop: OXOOOOOO7E blue screen


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Stop: OXOOOOOO7E blue screen

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I have been trying to get good information on fixing this problem for 3 days now and have finally come to this forum.

Three days ago my lap top (a Dell Insiron 9100) did one of those automatic downloads before shutting down, and all

of a sudden Ablue atop screen popped up with the followin:

Technical information
***Stop: 0x0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XEBCDCC19, 0XF8BC9B70, 0XF8BC986C) after the basic Windows has detected

a problem and has shut down (you know the rest), and now it is doing a reboot several times before it stops and

the screen shows up, any way I have come to the point where in read a LOT of posts

on Microsoft and here it might be a service pack issue. I emailed Microsoft and got the run around, but also most say it is

an issue if you ahve a proccessor other than an intel, I think the Inspiron as an Intel pentium 4 so I'm really confused here.

 I know there are a lot of blue screen help material and help wanted on here for the last couple of years, but none of the

ones I have read are consistantly the same. If I need to reformate I will need help as my time is up with Dell and I hope I

don't need to because if I do and the service packs download again will I get the same problem.

I do not use the laptop very often and do not download anything other than the auto updates, any help would be greatly

appreciated, I'm worn out looking for the answer.

Tired Barb in TX


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  • Power on, press F12.  Load the Dell diagnostics and run the extended - not just the quick - hard drive diagnostic tests.


  • Thank you for the quick response but the dummy here (ME) has no idea what or where to find that. Does it auto maticaly stat after the f12 taps.

    I did not get the option of an extended test so hit diagnostic  and it turned out to be a DST short status test and all passed and at the end it said : No Diagnostic Utility Partitions founn. To run diagnostics, insert your Dell "Drivers and Utilities" CD then select OK to restart the system and boot off the CD OK or Cancel, I said OK and it is 29% done. Waiting and thank for helping this ol' gal


    Barb in TX

  • When you press F12, you'll see a boot menu.  Choose the diagnostics from that - let them run initially and then boot to the full diagnostic partition.  I suspect you'll find you've got a drive on its way out.


  • I have spent the last 7 hours testing in diagnostic and all the files under windows blue screen (23) all passed memory  test all passed passed. It started from the disk fine and I am going to turn it off and try in the morning. If it shows the blue screen I guess I will have to try changing the register or reformate. Thank you.

    Barb in TX

  • Well I got up this morning and low and bhehold thart blue screen was still there, I guess I will go see how and if changing the registery will work befor I format the darn thing.

    Thank anyway Barb in TX Crying

  • Well I think (crossing finguers) it might be fixed. It boil down to maybe my linsys wireless G some how got corrupt. Anyway we shall see I am going to uninstall and maybe reinstall it and hope it works.

    Barb in TX