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Error Code 0F00:0232 on Harddrive Diagnose


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Error Code 0F00:0232 on Harddrive Diagnose

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i got a new Notebook Vostro 1710 and sometime he want not to start. also he get stuck in bios and to not show the Harddrive on the Bios Page. I run the diagnostic and i got on both HDs the Error Code 0F00:0232 on several Blocks. I dont know, maybe my HDs ( i have two 250 Gigabite in SATA Raid ) are not good or is it only a Softwareproblem.

Thanks for help.


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  • The hard drive showing the errors is failing - replace it.   If the setup is RAID 1, you can do this without data loss.  If it's RAID 0, you'll need to then reload everything from scratch.


  • presently iam using inspiron 1525 while on running the system diagnostics i found following  error codes






     what about these problems and and what is the solution

  • The hard drive has developed bad sectors - replace it with a new one.


  • i am using inspiron 1525 and my system is in warranty my system is working fine but when diagnosed it gives hard dive read error

    00F0 0232 disk o black 375146496.

    what should i do to overcome this or do i need to claim for replacement?


  • Report the error to Dell and they'll send you a replacement drive.


  • Thanks a lot for the advice! i will report this to dell and get back to u @ conversion.

  • hi friend i had also got the same problem,

    when i report it to dell  after 2 succesive working days they send an engineer to my home to replace the hard drive

    so at first claim the complaint

    all the best ......

  • thanks,

    I had reported to dell and lets see when my new hard drive replacement arrives to me?

    your system was working or dead when u got the replacement?

    Thank you for the help and reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi everyone!!!!!!!

                      finally i am getting my new hard drive tomorow from dell.

                      nice experience here.

                      thanks all!!!!!!!!!

  • How can you tell if the setup is RAID 0 or 1?
  • I  believe  it is F2 at boot and enter setup.


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