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D620 O2Micro CCID SC Reader and battery reinstall issues


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D620 O2Micro CCID SC Reader and battery reinstall issues

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I recently reinstalled the XP on my D620.  I downloaded all the drivers from Dell site using the Service Tag.

All went well with two exceptions that I can not yet find a resolution:

1.  The O2Micro CCID SC Reader still has no driver...I have searched with no resolution..but I have been at it for a while though :)

2.  Under Dev Mgr it shows Batteries with 3 'unknown devices' and no enabled.  I enabled one and checked QuickSet for battery level and I get nothing..zippo...nada..

Any suggestions?


Mike (first time post'er...that's post'er not poser !)

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  • I searced and searched as well for a driver which would work with the O2Micro CCID SC Reader but couldn't find one either.  I was lucky enough to come across one on a client's machine and would be happy to send you the necessary files.  Reply to this post if interested with an e-mail address and I will be happy to get you the files.




  • hi i have the same problem is there a way u can helpe me out gettng that driver??

  • This should do:


  • I would like this info also. My email is < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy >

    I saw this link on a post. Is this where to get this driver?


  • i am looking for the 02 micro ccid sc reader and i noticed this that was posted in 2009 but no longer is working when you go there.

    do you have any other ideas to where to get this now. 

    i just updated my 3g iphone and that is when this started asking for this.

  • Dear Ashevis, i went to this site for dell and nothing is showing there any longer.  do you have any other ideas for this



  • this should do it