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PR01X USB Ports have stopped working with D630


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PR01X USB Ports have stopped working with D630

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I have a Dell Lattitude D630 laptop that is hooked up to a PR01X Port Replicator.  It's been hooked up to this for about a year and a half.

In the last month or two the USB ports have stopped working on the port replicator.  The audio plug, power, and monitor connections all work.  It's only the USB ports that have stopped working.

Anybody have any suggestions?  Currently, I'm having to hook my usb devices to my laptop everytime I'm at my desk using the port replicator.  Then, I have to unhook everything when I take my laptop away.  Kind of defeats one of the reasons I got the port replicator.

Thanks for any help anybody can give.

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  • I too am having teh same issue.  Did you find a fix?  Thx  Waukazoo

  • No luck so far.  Sorry.

  • Just checking to see if anyone has found any fixes on this.  I have a Dell Precision M90 running Windows XP SP3.  I have the exact same problem:  network, mouse, keyboard, monitor connections all work fine, but the usb ports do not.  The one powered usb port on the side is even getting power to it (a flash drive lights up), but I can't get the system to recognize it (or any of the other usb ports) when devices are plugged in.  The funny things is this:  another M90 docks & uses those ports with no problem.  So, it has to be some sort of software/driver issue, but I cannot figure it out.  And, so far, neither has Dell support.

    Incidentally, I have a yellow question mark in my device manager:  "unknown usb device"

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone has to offer.

  • Still haven't gotten any answers.  Sorry.

  • I ended up spending a ridiculous amount of time on this. If I relate all the things that I tried, & if I explain how much time I spent on the phone with Dell (who did not provide a solution), I'll just get angry.

    At any rate, what I finally ended up doing was a repair installation of Windows XP. That ended up being a bit of a nightmare (for another host of reasons that I won't get into right now), but once the repair finally finished, the usb ports on the port replicator worked . I can't explain why it worked, but it did. And the repair was better than having to do a complete reinstall.

    My only theory is that it might have had something to do with XP Service Pack 3. After the repair, I immediately connected the port replicator (before doing any updates) & everything worked fine. AFTER the port replicator was functional, I then installed SP2 & SP3.
  • I'm glad you were able to find a solution and get things working again.  I think I'll give that a try.  Thanks.

  • You guys shouldn't need to go through so much trouble to resolve this issue. All you should need to do is recreate the dock profile (if you're using Windows XP):

    Undock the system > Right click on My Computer > Click on Hardware > Click on Hardware Profiles > Delete the Dock profile by highlighting it and clicking Delete (or remove, I can't remember which) > Shut the system down > Dock the system > Boot it up. 

    The system should recreate the profile for your docking station including all connected hardware. If for some reason this does not work, flash the BIOS from the website and repeat the steps, but this should work.


    *Note* Make sure you 'UN'dock the system before starting or the docking profile will not be listed, as it will be your current profile.

                 Also, this will not work on Windows Vista.

  • MUGZ85

    You guys shouldn't need to go through so much trouble to resolve this issue. All you should need to do is recreate the dock profile (if you're using Windows XP):


    Thanks for the suggestion, however the key word in your expression is "shouldn't."


    Perhaps for many users that might resolve the problem, but for me that didn't help.  I tried deleting the docked profile numerous times, I flashed the BIOS, I reloaded the chipset drivers, I let Dell support "take over" my computer so they could take a crack at it, I changed the oil & the spark plugs (OK - that one was a joke) - NONE of these things worked.


    So, I hope that recreating the docked profile works for someone.  Sadly, for me it did not.  The only thing that worked was to do a repair installation on XP.


    By the way, my SP3 theory is probably incorrect.  Other users have reported this same issue when using XP SP2.

  • I have been trying to sort the dock on Window 7 for nearly 8 hours till I finally found this, so obvious really! Worked first time, you're a lifesaver!