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Dell Latitude D800 and D600 processor upgrades


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Dell Latitude D800 and D600 processor upgrades

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What is the biggest processor you can put in either of these computers?

Currently the d600 has a 1.6 centrino and the d800 a 1.7 pentium M

I know that they had a BIOS upgrade for the d800 that supports different processors. I am just looking to upgrade both for a little more processing speed.



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  • Fastest:  Intel Pentium M 765 (2.1 GHz/400 MHz bus).

    Also supported:  Pentium M, 400 MHz bus at lower speeds.

    NOT supported:  Pentium M 7x0 (533 bus), all Core (Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Pentium Dual Core, etc. and Celerons based on them).


  • Just installed a Pentium M 740 on my D800, boots to OS no problem.

  • i upgraded to 2.13 and could have gone up to 2.26 if i wanted for my d610. try this link here and be really careful to get the correct cpu...ebay has them at a good price and install is simple. also make sure you use a good thermal paste....

    good luck


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