Dell Inspiron 2650 Bios Update and Firmware installation


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Dell Inspiron 2650 Bios Update and Firmware installation

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When I start my laptop I sometimes get vertical lines on the screen just after the Dell intro screen goes off and Windows XP appears.  The odd time I will then get a blue error screen appear afterwards but with  the vertical lines I can’t read the error message. 

I have reinstalled Windows a couple of times to cure this problem and even when I only have windows XP installed and the System drivers from my Dell utilities disk I still get the vertical lines.


 At the moment I am trying to reinstall the bios and possibly the hard drive firmware just to see if that fixes it but when I start to install the bios from floppy disk I get a black screen with the message, TYPE THE NAME OF THE INTERPRETER (E.G., C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM


 When I start to install the hard drive firmware from floppy disk I get a black screen with the message, 1) PORT 0 MASTER IC25N020ATCS04-0 IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THIS TOOL

I downloaded the bios and firmware and relevant installation instructions through the Dell website using my service tag but I am getting nowhere with it, can anyone advise me on how to sort these two problems out?

I still have all of my original disks that came with my laptop.

Tanks for your time,

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  • See if the lines appear on an external monitor - likely, they will.  If they do, reseat (remove and reinstall) the video card.  If that doesn't fix the problem, replace the video card with a new one.

    If the lines DO NOT appear on an external monitor, you likely have a faulty display panel.