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vostro1700 Hard drive: 500 GB?


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vostro1700 Hard drive: 500 GB?

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I've seen some stuff in searching for new hard drives for my vostro1700 that seem to think there is a 500 gig hard drive that will fit but I don't see it on Dell's website.

Sure enough lol, there is a wikipedia listing for everything. 


Hard drive: From 250 GB (5,400 rpm) to 500 GB (5,400 rpm). There are two SATA hard drive bays.

Anyone know which drive this 500gig is?


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  • Hello,

    Here are two that will work.

    You do know that you don't need to buy from Dell with their very high prices. It will not void your warranty ... Idea

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  • yeah, not worried where I buy it, but there are notes on laptop hard drives in general. should have borough that up as well in my initial post. I need to know if I can use the 12.5 mm think drive or if 9.5 is what will fit the 2 drive bays. because the hitachi Travelstar 5K500 is 12.5

    This laptop hard drive is just 12.5 mm thick making it well suited for slim desktop PCs, but most laptops can accommodate hard drives which are 9.5 mm thick so this may not be suitable for several laptop models. You must therefore check if this is compatible with your model before purchasing.

  • Careful with the earlier advice - you cannot use the 12.5 mm drive.  You're limited to 9.5  mm models - stick with the Samsung, WD or Seagate 500 G models - these will all fit.  The Hitachi will not.