The message within the subject line is the message I had received when making a futile attempt to re-load my newly purchased Studio 1535 laptop from a Windows Vista Business Edition DVD.

I have searched the web and several forums and have seen this issue pop up for others but have not yet come across the resolution.

I contacted Dell Tech support and asked where I may obtain the drivers to complete my load. I was told to visit the Dell site (which I had and which did not contain the drivers needed).

After explaining this to the technician, I was then told that the only way I would be able to complete this load would be to upgrade the OS from the Dell restore DVD that should have been provided with my laptop (which I am awaiting to receive as this was not provided). I was told this "should" contain the needed drivers.

I am wondering if anyone else has had this or a similiar problem? I am also wondering why these drivers aren't available for download from Dell's website? It seems like this sort of "one size fits all" approach to laptop sales and support isn't fitting quite the way I had hoped.