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Touch pad not working properly


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Touch pad not working properly

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I have Inspiron 6400 (XP SP3) laptop. 2 years old. The track / touch pad pointer on screen has developed this sticky jumping problem. It moves randomly. It double clicks itself randomly. Only an externa USB mouse helps this problem. However, the track / touch pad also works fine at times. But not always.

Anybody has solution for this problem?

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  • Did you try reinstalling the driver and then adjust the sensitivity.


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  • Of course. I did try that. I had mentioned it in my posting as well. Nothing of that helped.

    I am looking forward to more suggestions please...

  • I have the same exact problem.  I have an Inspiron 5150 with XP.  I had Dell Support work on it remotely by coming on to my computer.  They were unable to fix it through my computer.  If you find out what you can do to fix it please come back to this sight and let me know.  Mine gets stuck then frees up.  Sometimes it just goes crazy on the screen and opens programs and backs me out of programs.  Then it will work fine for a while!

  • I just started having the same problem.  I re-installed the drivers which did not help.  Now I'm starting to think that the touchpad has gone bad and needs to be replaced.  This means replacing the entire palm rest w/touchpad assembly.  This is frustrating since the laptop is only 2 years old.  This is my third, and last Dell.  The next one's gonna be a mac....


    Here's a supplier for the assembly:


    Should not be too hard to replace.


    Good luck


  • I just bought a Studio 1569.  It has the same touch pad problem.  Dell technicians could not fix the problem.  I returened the laptop and got another one.  It also has the same problem.  I tried re-installing the drive.  It didn't help.  I think part of the problem is that the touch pad is part of the hand rest.  On my XPS M170 it seems to be isolated form the hand rest and it works great.  It is not an Alps touchpad.

  • Common problem.

    You get random cursor movements because your hands brush the Touch Pad. Some Touch Pad Control Panels have controls to reduce the sensitivity of the pad to correct, and some allow the Touch Pad to be deactivated while typing. If your Control Panel doesn't do enough, look for a driver upgrade. A driver for a pad by the same manufacturer as yours should also work. You can get better drivers for ALPS pads at the Toshiba site.

    If the buttons repeat, you may have a problem with a tight fitting key that does not fully return to the starting position. Try to clean out ther key area with compressed gas. You may have to get a replacement pad if something is bent or broken inside.

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  • When I use the touchpad to move the cursor to a particular place it moves erratically and goes in directions different than I want.  I tried all of the sensitivity adustment, turned off scrolling, etc.  No help.  As I said before this is my second Studion 1569.  The first one had the same problem.  My XPS M170 does not have the problem.  I downloaded the latest driver from Dell, it did not help. 

  • Ha ha wow, same problem here and this is my first year with this computer, Inspiron 1525, i have never been so annoyed. Hope they find a solution to this problem soon.

  • Count me among the people who also have this problem.  I've actually had it twice.  Sometimes the touch pad works fine, sometimes it acts up.  But it happens more and more frequently so it's almost all the time now..  I have an Inspiron 1525 and this problem occurred after about 10 months of owning it.  Dell support couldn't repair it on-line so I had to send my laptop back to get it fixed. (Luckily it was still under waranty.)  Once it was fixed, it worked fine for about 9 months, then it started happening.again.  It is incredibly frustrating. This laptop is two years old. and now my waranty has expired so unless I want to spend a bunch of money, I am stuck with it.  DELL obviously has a problem with faulty touch pads and I doubt I will ever buy another DELL because of this. 

  • touch pad on inspiron 1525 not working

  • Hi,  i have the same problem since years with INSPIRON 4100 but it seems just solved now by selecting:

    FAST refreshing speed pointer displacement Touchpad setup parameter IN MOUSE TOUCHPAD SYNAPTICS Control Panel.


    PASSER DE LENT à RAPIDE  à résolu mon problème DE POINTEUR immobile ou fuyant, aléatoire recurent.

    Hope will help you.


  • Hi, I have the same sticky or go away pointer  problem with INSPIRON 4100 since years but it seems just solved now by:

    Selecting Fast parameter in:  Control panel mouse  Synaptics touch pad  (activated) setup   Pointer displacement  Refreshing speed :  FAST ( was Slow )

    Hope will help.



  • I have purchased Dell Inspiron 14 which has the similar problem where the TOUCH PAD never works for a brand new laptop within few weeks.

    Also it had fan problems and generated huge heat too and dell customer service replaced the fan and the related stuff within 3 days of delivery ( Instead replacing a complete machine as it would take 25 days of time ).

    Anyways this was the first laptop in Dell.

    They respond good  but whats the use if the product has lots of manufacturing defect.

    Lenovo is doing good and i have no issue for the last 5 yrs , i am using it... Really this message is not spoil Dell image, its just to creat awarness with other people to not waste their valuable money.

    Each penny is worth .. Please  start analzing  before investing in dell laptop.