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XP reinstall - reset cooling fan settings?


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XP reinstall - reset cooling fan settings?

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OK, for starters, am I bonkers opr has Dell completely rearranged their forum? I this to frustrate and flummox users like me so I give up trying to get my Dell working?

Anyway, I've recently reinstalled XP Home. Now my 4150 is behanving differently. The fan seems to come on much more often now. It sued to only come on when I taxed it with video or PhotoShop. Now it's coming on just from surfing. Can I do anything about this?



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  • Did you install from scratch or did you use the Dell Recovery Disk/Partition?  I'm guessing that you installed from scratch.  If this is the case did you install ALL of the drivers including the Desktop or Notebook System Software and in the correct order?  See this page to find out what order the drivers and other software MUST be installed.  Just insert your specific information and follow the prompts.  Not installing ALL of the necessary software and drivers and/or installing in the wrong order could easily cause this problem.

    And no, you aren't going bonkers.  Dell did indeed completely redesign this site and yes it does frustrate and flummox a great many.  It was even worse a couple of weeks ago.

  • Thank you.

    I hate computers.

    I hate PCs. If  I wanted to spend my life tinkering under the hood of something just to get it to do what it was designed to do, I'd get an antique car.


    I'm going to go out and get a Mac.


  • I'm stumped before I even get started.

    The install page for my 4150 says this:

    The following list is an overview of the correct order to install drivers on Dell desktops and laptops. After reinstalling Microsoft® Windows®, follow the order listed when reinstalling drivers. It is recommended that you print this list for reference when installing drivers.

      Some devices may not function properly if the drivers are installed out of order.  

    1. Desktop System Software (DSS) or Notebook System Software (NSS) - A vital utility that provides critical updates and patches for the operating system. If you are reinstalling Windows or updating all drivers, it is important that this software be installed first. This is located under the System and Configuration Utilities Category on the Drivers and Downloads page."


    Note the line: "This is located under the System and Configuration Utilities Category on the Drivers and Downloads page."

    Where do I find these drivers? On the CD? I put in the CD labeled 'Driver Utilities and Applications' and it displays this:


    which doesn't seem to help me at all.

  • hmm, I think the ones with a down arrow are pulldown select menus.

    i.e. pulldown and select what you need. and they all should be on the cdrom.