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Studio 1535 eject button


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Studio 1535 eject button

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When I turn on my Studio 15, the media touch buttons don't work but the cd eject button lights up and stays up for a while (3-4 minutes), and the cd drive ejects a few times. What's going on there?



My Studio - OS: Windows Vista 32bit, BIOS: A05, RAM: 2GB

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  • Can someone help me? Please...

  • I don't know how to help you but I've experienced the same problem. Sad

    Sometimes my sound also goes out when I return from sleep mode and doesn't return until I restart the computer (not sure if that's related but I thought I'd add it, just in case).

    I've updated my BIOS and drivers and I'm hoping for the best but if that doesn't work I'm contacting tech support again.

    My Studio - OS: Windows Vista 32bit, BIOS: A06, RAM: 3GB

  • hi i'm on my 3rd laptop 1535 then two 1537 all had this problem.  there must be a problem with these studio 15's.  how do we get dell to sort it out for us?

  • Go to this thread:

    There seem to be many problems with the touchpad in the Studio series. Please join that thread and lend your voice. We are trying to get the Dell support staff to realize the major problems involved.

  • Yes, there is a problem with the touch buttons and it seems pretty general . The suggestion that I have found is to unplug the mains lead turn off the computer , then remove the battery . Put the battery back in after about a minute then hold down the power button for 30 seconds . Release it and then press to restart . This should bring everything back to normal . However , I found that the problem returned the next time I turned the computer on . But the buttons started working again after a while . So I wonder if it is a Vista related problem .

  • Hi.


    I've had my studio for almost two years. I just started having problems with the eject button lighting up about 6 months ago. It's gotten worse over time. This isn't really a fix for the problem but when it gets really anoying hearing the cd drive trying to eject I unplug the laptop from AC power and run on the battery. The problem immediately stops and doesnt return untill the battery is fully charged again. You guys try this and let me know if it works for you too. I thought it was kind of crazy but it worked. Let me know.