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Spilled soda on keyboard, now screen doesn't work


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Spilled soda on keyboard, now screen doesn't work

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Hi all.

I was unfortunate to spill some soda in the keyboard of my Inspiron 8600. I immediately removed it from the machine, and after researching the problem on the net I deceided to try and wash it with water and let it dry for a couple of days. During that time I've been using it with an USB keyboard, and it has been working fine.

Today I tried to connect the keyboard again, and it seemed to be working fine, although the return key was a bit slow to respond sometimes. Then, it might have been when I connected the AC adaptor, the screen went black. Now I don't get any picture on the LCD, nor on an external monitor. The machine seems to be booting normal, though. The other weird thing is that it seems to fire up only when the battery is in it.

Any advice, ideas or suggestions would be helpful. I am soon having an exam in a CS subject, and I need to have a machine which runs SML\NJ and Prolog handy.

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  • Unfortunately you're likely looking at replacing the system board, which may not make sense on a model this old, as it's not an insignificant expense - the board alone will run $300US or so, plus labor to install it if you don't do it yourself.


  • Try to remove your keyboard , reseat your videocard and ram and HD . Don't connect the keyboard . It it boots ,then you are lucky , you can buy another keyboard