Loud, annoying noise from right-side fan on Inspiron 9300


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Loud, annoying noise from right-side fan on Inspiron 9300

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For a while now the fan on the right side of my inspiron 9300 (graphics card fan?) has been making a loud noise, which is definitely not normal.

There was nothing special that had happened prior to the noise emerging, I hadn't dropped or otherwise damaged the computer.

I've made an mp3 audio sample of the noise, but this forum wouldn't let me upload any mp3 files despite claiming that mp3 is a valid file extension. The error message was something along the lines of invalid file extension. Renaming my mp3 file to .gif was the only thing that worked, and I tried several other extensions claimed to be supported but none worked. Since the file is now a gif, it seems I can't embed it as an audio clip in this post though.

Moving on...

I've uploaded the mp3 file to some free file hoster:



Direct download link: Both fans max - stereo.mp3

In case the above don't work, the file should be available at this site: http://www.savefile.com/download/1900997. After clicking this link, don't click the download image, which is fake, but rather wait for the download to begin.

(note: The file will be automatically deleted by the file hoster when the file has not been accessed in 30 days - if the file is gone, reply in this thread and I'll try to upload it somewhere else if you need it)

About the sound sample: The left fan (normal) is in the left channel of the mp3, the right fan (noisy) is in the right channel. Use a media player with equaliser (winamp has one) to pan the sound left or right to hear the difference. As you can hear, the noise from the right fan is very annoying. Pan the audio left to hear how it's supposed to sound like at maximum fan speed, which is very quiet in comparison.

I've tried to blow out dust, but altough a lot of dust came out it didn't improve anything.

What can I do to fix the annoying noise?

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  • The fan bearings are failing - replace the fan with a  new one.


  • That is what I would say.  That rumbling noise says it all of it were just a loud noise ide say use some alchohol on the fan blades with a q-tip to clean them off sometimes a collection of dirt on one side off balances the fan but that is clearly some bearing issues fans are cheep dont sweat it!

  • Thanks a lot for quick and helpful responses :)

    They lead to more questions though, as I can find how to replace the fan, but I can't find what fan I should get or where to get it. I would have thought Dell sells these things, but I can't find it anywhere. Is it possible to replace it with another brand/model or do I have to use the same model? I'm hoping to replace it with something that will last longer.

  • http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/DellPartsFamily.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs

  • I guess they don't have it then, there are only heatsinks in the cooling category for Inspiron 9300, as well as 9200 and 9400, and on the european site there isn't even a cooling category for 9300.

  • I ended up buying a used fan from ebay for $19 USD, and my computer is quiet once again. :)

    Thanks to those that helped with identifying the problem!

  • Can you tell me what the part number is for the right side fan that you ordered of Ebay? I've got the same problem on (2) different 9300's.



  • You can get the graphic card fan from Dell