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Dim LCD on Inspiron 1501, Backlight or BIOS?


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Dim LCD on Inspiron 1501, Backlight or BIOS?

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My Inspiron 1501 all of a sudden is showing a very dim LCD Screen. I can barely see it, so I have to use an external monitor. I ran the dignostics in the start up with <FN> and all test passed. I was told to increase the Brightness in the BIOS and, or Flash the BIOS and re-install the video driver. However, I can't find the proper instructions for these methods.  Does anyone know what I can do to see if it's the system before I go and spend money to see if its the backlight?

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  • It's not the BIOS - the backlight or inverter is faulty.

  • I have the same problem.  I assume to fix this the backlight or inverter needs to be replaced, is this correct?  What is the cheapest method to do this?


  • Contact an LCD repair specialist shop.


  • Me too, have the LCD screen of Inspiron 1150 with very feeble immage which I can not decipher at all. I tried to increase brightness, ran the diagnostic by fn+f8 without success. Appreciate any help .

  • My inspiron 1520 shows dim screen while connected to the ac adaptor, and shows bright screen on the battery. I've tried adjusting the screen brightness manualy. but it does'nt work, even the Fn ..did'nt do me any good. could anyone plz help me.. thnx!

  • What did you wind up doing?