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Inspiron 1501 battery not compatible message


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Inspiron 1501 battery not compatible message

  • I have had my Dell computer for almost 1.5 years.  Yesterday while working on my laptop, I got a message saying the battery was critically low and that the PC was going to shut off.  After making sure it was plugged into an outlet, I tried to restart the PC.  Upon doing so, I received a message saying the battery was not recognized, not compatible, and would not be charged by the system.  Now everytime I start my PC, I get the same message.  It does continue to charge the battery.  It is the original battery that I received from Dell.

    I can press enter and get passed it but it is rather annoying.  I am afraid at some point that it will stop working altogether.  What can I do to fix this?  Has my battery gone bad?  I don't think that is the issue because it still works, even when I don't have it plugged in to an outlet.  Do I need to modify something in the boot menu?  Any ideas?


  • I do not know how to fix it, but I would like to chime in to say that this isn't just with your computer.  My story is exactly the same as yours.  I wish that someone knew what to do about it.

  • This is very weird, I have the same problem, same computer, approximately same amount of time owned.  Kinda funny how it is happening around the same time.  Mine just started it 21NOV.  Good to know it is still charging though. I was afraid to work on my computer with out it plugged in.  Hopefully someone will have an answer. 

  • Have you tried the BIOS update that says it, "Fixed erroneous Bad Battery message during post."

    Here is the link to it....



    I am guessing that is a good place to start....

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  • yes, it seems to work.

    I downloaded the update, installed it and after reboot, the nagging message doesn't appear any more.

    Thank you, hrova!

  • Cool.


    Glad it worked and thanks for letting others know.

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  • hi! i own inspiron 1501 since more than 2 years, and i got this battery not recognized message since 3-4 months, but it worked normaly, but now the battery stopped charging, so i thought the battery is dead, so i ordered a new one frm ebay, and i plugged the new one in, but i still got the same message and it didnt charge the battery (although it shows in status 44% and charging), so i could only run on ac power......i google that issue, and update my bios, now the message is no more there but still its not charging any battery neither new nor old one. I tried a lot of different things, diagonostic run from dell...tht reported everthing ok...,hold down power button for 10 or 30 seconds while putting out battery for somekind of static charge removal, tried to move adapter plug around and in, but nothing seems to work......have anyone any idea???. I didnt have any friend having dell so that i can test batteries there....but i think there's something else wrong than batteries....Sad

  • I used the online support for Dell.  The person took control of my pc, updated the BIOS and since then I have not had any problems.  Someone posted a link above with the instructions on how to do that.  You mentioned you did it already but take a look at the instructions in case there is a particular BIOS version that solves the problem and you downloaded a different version or something....hope that helps.  I know it is frustrating....good luck

  • hmm, but i think bios just fixes the showing of message for battery not recognized, but thats gone after the bios update, but the original charging thingy of the battery is still problematic....and as far as i googles, it could be your adapter, or battery or the motherboard....soo...i'm trying to get an adapter now, after testing the new battery. and then.......i don know if tht didnt i'm gna replace the motherboard :(

  • My computer did the same thing after we had it for a little over two years.  The battery got to where it wouldn't charge, there were warnings about the battery, and then when we turned the computer on it said that the battery was not compatible or was not recognized or something to that extent.  Our laptop is a 1501 Inspiron laptop.  I ordered a new battery and charger for the computer and it fixed the problem.  Now I believe the motherboard is shot so hopefully I'll get that figured out soon.

  • Thanks for the link.... seems my motherboard is shot.... Laptop will not show that the battery is charging, oh well.

  • bother board is shot too i think, doesn't help with changing battery or charger.....:(, its now always on ac power now the battery never gets charged...

  • I have created this account for the lone purpose of answering this question. I would not even know about this site if this issue hadn't come up so since you were all looking for the same answer here it is:

    Apparently it is a sign that the battery's long term life is dying. They are only designed to last at most 24 months (less if you use it on battery power only more often than AC. I had mine plugged in the majority of the time).
    I have had mine for 4 years and it has only recently done the same. The thing is, it is time to buy a new one as the long term life is dying out on the battery.
    That is the answer Dell Tech Support gave me.

    Good Luck!
  • i have already tried the new battery......but no, its not a problem of battery, the problem is with the charging unit on motherboard....

  • ibraheempindi,

    Sorry you are having difficulties with your computer.  I may be able to assist.  Please contact me privately and I'll be happy to see what I can od.