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Inspiron 2200 CPU upgrade options?


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Inspiron 2200 CPU upgrade options?

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I have an Inspiron 2200 laptop running a Celeron M 1.4GHz.  What are my upgrade options for the CPU?  I was hoping to put something with at least 2GHz in it.  Can this be done?

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  • It will take up to a Pentium M 2.1/400 -- the Pentium M 765.

    The Core CPUs are not supported.


  • Thanks, does it support P4-Ms also?  And if so, to what maximum?

  • No. Pentium-M or Celeron-M only - no P4 of any type.


  • husky0894, many thanks for your assistance with this matter, you have been a great help and it is much appreciated.

    Can you tell me if this information is readily available in the public domain?  It would be nice if I could check this kind of information out myself in the future.  Or is it only available to Dell? 

  • Very few if any notebook makers -- Dell included -- support CPU upgrades, so the information must be gleaned from the notebook and CPU specifications.  The chipset in the system you have, for example, does not support the Pentium 4 processor.