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Battery status LED blinking amber


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Battery status LED blinking amber

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I am using Dell Inspiron 1525.

Recently i cannot startup the computer.

It shows a blinking amber on the battery status LED.

I get the same status light either using an A/C adapter or using a battery.

What does this mean?

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  • could mean the battery needs charging. solid amber battery is low and blinking amber battery is critically low.

  • I do not charge my battery.

    I use the battery only and get the status light.

    I also try to use a/c adapter only without battery and also get the same status light.

  • Try putting the battery in and then plugging the A/C power to the laptop. Don't turn the laptop on, just hook up the A/C adapter to it. Do you still get the status light? If so, let it sit that way for about ten minutes or so. Check to see if there is any change in the status light at that time (blinking, changing color, solid light, etc.). If you have the diagnostic disk, boot to that and run a test on the battery and charger. Could be a sensor of some sort that's not properly detecting the battery. Hope that helps............