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Charger light goes off as soon as you plut into laptop


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Charger light goes off as soon as you plut into laptop

  • I have an Inspirion 6000. My charger cord was pretty worn and you had to hold it just right to get it to charge. Well now it won't charge at all. When you plug it in to the wall the green light on the charger comes on but as soon as you plug it into the laptop it goes off. There is also a burning smell and I don't know if it's my laptop or my charger. I have got my laptop to turn on but the battery is dead. Any suggestions or ideas??? I am clueless when it comes to this thing!!!
  • The mainboard is bad.  Replacement parts:


    If you have ATI X300 video:



    If you have Intel integrated video,


  • well it could be the mainboard or it could just be that the battery and adapter are dead, my inspiron 1501's battery and adapter both died at the same time and its only a year and 2 months old. 

    check and asee if the battery and adapter are bad first then move on to the powerjack, mainboard, and that stuff.  if you need a new battery or AC adapter, then these links should be helpful.




    AC Adapter:


    Best of luck

  • If the LED on the adapter comes on when it's plugged into the wall but not the system, and goes out when the notebook end is connected, the mainbord is the faulty part.


  • i think i can shed some light on this problem, you see i have gone through six chargers in 3 years with my laptop and i hate to say this about a company that used to be known for quality but all of the products dell releases now are made to break and i know why, if you have any technical knowledge of how an ac adapter is put together you knkow its a barrel and a pin, the pin being hollow on the side that wraps aroud the wire wick carries a current, and then its secured with rubber and no solder, this will cause the wires to frey and short circuit and if you pull away all of that rubber on the tip of your adapter and make it "naked" you can take those freyed wires and straiten them out and reset the center wire (thats the one thats most likely causing your problem because the one on the ouside of the barrel is just soldered to the metal that makes the barrel) inside of the metal sleeve and then do something dell doesnt want you toknow that they dont do SOLDER THE WIRE IN PLACE(ie they want to charge $80 for a charger thats going to break down but the dick about it is that they knew that when they didnt solder the tip it would lead to these things so ever since the dell cpi500ht they have been overcharging people for their shotty equiptment that isnt even worth the materials its made of)i knwo this is probably long and hard to read so if anyone would like me to either show them a picture or personally explain this to them over the phone post to me and i will give you my number

    P.S. i have had a 100% with additionall extra credit in my electronics class 5 quarters in a row(includes last year)

  • Hello EJN.  I'm helping a friend with her Inspiron 6000 and I'm having the same issue.  I have a couple of newer Dell laptops so I was able to do the following:


    1.  Inspiron 6000-plug in with its charger, light on charger goes from green to off.

    2. Newer laptop with charger from Inspiron 6000: Charger works fine, so I'm thinking my friend's charger is OK.  BTW, all ratings on the chargers are the same and so is the plug.

    3. Plug in newer charger into Dell Inspiron 6000, light on charger goes from blue to off.  Unplug and plug either charger back in and lights come back on. 


    So, it seems, I have a bad motherboard.  JUST would like your opinion.  EBay has motherboards for the Inspiron 6000.  I know that's risky business.  But are you confident that replacing the motherboard, making sure the attached "powerboard" is present, is the solution?  It's an old laptop and I don't mind risking around $100.00...but not much more than that.  Thanks for your help and I won't be mad if I follow advice that turns out wrong.  Thanks again.

  • BTW, doing the tests with the battery in or out of the laptop I just posted about has no effect on the results.  thanks again.

  • Another alternative would be to see if the board you have can be repaired - is one reliable repair shop.  The cost should be about $100.


  • your battery is mest up  u need to buy a new battery nothing is rong with your laptop

  • I have the exact same problem. I know the power cord is fine, it works fine on my other laptop. Both of my power cords have the green light on and as soon as I plug them it, the light goes out. I have taken the battery out and the same thing happens when I plug it in. The thing that is throwing me is I was using the computer. The notice popped up that the battery was almost out of power, so I went and got the power cord and plugged it into the computer and pow, the computer shut off. So an attempted repair on the main board or replacing the main board is the only options?
  • I know a computer hardware freak and decided to take my laptop to him for the solution and some expert advice, he opened the laptop, and found out that their was indeed a short circuit on the board but it was fixable. So he took to the proper mechanic and got it fixed.(He replaced 3 ICs (Integrated Circuits) . Now the laptop is working like a new one.
    So if you ever come across this kind of incident, rather than exchanging or getting a new mother board because of a short circuit make sure to get it checked first. Its cheap and saves you from a lot of trouble.
    It has cost me only $25 but if I had gone for a new board it would cost me around 200$!