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Keyboard falling apart?


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Keyboard falling apart?

  • I have a Studio 1535, and just tonight two keys fell out of place.  The F4 key is just sitting on my laptop now, and it won't 'click' back into place.  Then, while I was trying to fix that, the seven key clicked down and now sits awkwardly in the board.   Any way to fix this?   I'd be nice to be able to remove the keys, anyway, so I could clean other them...but I wasn't even attempting to do so!  I just moved the laptop from my living room to my bedroom when I noticed the problem.


    Any help?

  • Call Dell.  They will ship you a replacement keyboard under warranty.


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  • There's a piece of papaer that came with my laptop that assures me I have a warranty for a year, but the website says my warranty is expired, so I couldn't even get an e-mail to send off to them.   I've had this laptop for maybe two months, so...
  • Call.  There's no way the warranty on a 1535 purchased from Dell is expired - the model is nowhere near a year old.


    If however, you bought from a third party, contact them.  


  • Thanks for all your help. =]