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Black Screen when running on Battery Power


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Black Screen when running on Battery Power

  • Ok I really hope some one can help me here! I have an XPS M1730 laptop, that I bought a few months ago. I actually really like it, except for the fact that I can't run it on battery power alone (might as well be a desktop). The situation is, I turn it on and can see the very so nice Dell screen, and then the pretty Windows Vista loading bar scrolling across the screen, and then I can hear the (log in) sounds but can't see the log in screen. If I do manage to type in my password correctly, I get the start up sounds but no video display. Every thing works great as long as I have it plugged in. Help, I bought a laptop for portability!!
  • When unplugged, the Dell laptops automatically reduce the screen brightness to increase battery life.  Try holding down the "Fn" key and then tap the "Up Arrow" key, this will increase your screen brightness, but at the cost of battery longevity (for example: 2.5 hrs battery life becomes 1.75 hrs.).  I'd recommend that you change this in the BIOS or you will have to do this every time you unplug or startup on just the battery.  I hope this helps and resolves your problem.
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  • Thanks, but I've tried that and I've tried changing the bios and neither one worked! I have an NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT graphics card, could there be a driver conflict or something.


    Appreciate the info anyway!

  • So it appears that the situation might have gotten a bit more complicated, or I have another issue all together. Maybe some one can help me figure it out. Not only is my computer not showing a display when I have it unplugged and very once in a while my screen goes back for a few seconds or so (when plugged in) and I get a message that says video device driver stopped responding, but reconnected now (or something along those lines). This is becoming very frustrating, I would like to be able to take my laptop out and about to do my studying in quieter places, and not have to worry about allows having a plug in or the screen going blank. This is the reason I bought a laptop instead of a desktop. I have contacted NVIDIA regarding the blank screen on battery problem and they say it has nothing to do with the drivers, so what else could it be.


    Please someone help me figure this out!

    Frustrated in Regina