Inspiron 2200 Laptop - can battery recalibration be disabled?


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Inspiron 2200 Laptop - can battery recalibration be disabled?

  • I have an Inspiron 2200 laptop.  Everytime I switch it on I get a battery recalibration message at the boot screen, and cannot continue until hitting F1.  I have run the built-in recalibration tool numerous times, which always charges to 100% capacity and then discharges and switches off.  However the message still recurs at every switch on.


    I figure the battery has probably had its day, but I don't really need to run it off the battery, and it runs fine off AC power.


    Is there any way to disable the automatic battery recalibration message?  I've checked in the BIOS but cannot see any such option?

  • Deafening silence from Dell tech support.  Tried A07 bios update and it didn't help.

  • I can still hear the silence....

    I've got the same problem - A07 didn't cure it.  Other laptops (notebooks) have a work-around in the BIOS, so why is the 2200 such a problem?

    Does anyone from Dell actually read these page...?  Perhaps one of them could tell us if it's impossible to cure...


  • Same here.  The BIOS (in A03, A06 and A07) does not offer any option to turn it off.  I have gone through the process a few time and get a message that the battery is good but when I reboot it starts the calibration all over again.  How do you turn it off?