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Inspiron 510m | Wireless Network Adaptor Issue

  • Hi there, Ive recently reformatted my laptop with windows XP but on installing the OS, I am unable to enable the Wireless Network. It used to say Connect> on the start menu but this is no longer available.


    Ive tried installing the drivers in order from the dell website but this has not worked. Ive installed URGENT Driver R143355.exe -again it does not work.


    If anyone could help i'd be very greatful


  • Check inside the network manager and see if the wireless card has been detected and is an available port. Also make sure that it is open and not set as 'disabled' when you select it. If it is not available as an option in your network settings then make sure it is the correct driver, seldom when you install the wrong driver the unit will function improperly but it should still display as a yellow question mark in your device manager. The device manager will be your tell all right now and depending on how the unit is working is where you should move next.

    Sometimes, with certain network adapters (especially wireless ones) there is proprietary software that can be downloaded too to use specific functions that one typically associates with being built into windows. Try to locate these, and if it is a dell unit it should be on the dell web site.



  • I'm actually having the same issue...only maybe a little bit worse. Same laptop, I replaced the HD altogether (the old one failed) and now the integrated wireless card isn't even being recognized as hardware - in other words, it's not even showing up in my device manager as an unknown device (i.e. the yellow question mark).


    Any suggestions on how to get it working again? Before I swapped out the HD the integrated wireless was working fine...

  • It is possible that one of three things have happened, and in order of likelihood;

    1 - The HDD failure was some how linked to the wireless card and it too went bad or went bad during the swap out.

    2 - It is disabled in the BIOS

    3 - The software that was installed was incorrectly identified by microsoft (which does happen) and incompatible drivers are installed. Go do Dell's support section and download the correct ones.